Senz Beats – Ode to the Ghosted

Artist: Senz Beats
title: Ode to the Ghosted
keywords: electronic hip-hop rap experimental electronic fieldrecordings noise Belgium
label: Tanuki Records

Sniffing in the thrift shops with the nose deeply tucked away between dusty records of golden funky ages, eyes on insanely designed album covers, searching for pieces of vinyl that aren’t completely dusted and scratched for a sane sniff of authentic historic music cherishing. Can you imagine the joy of going through these 12 & 7 inches? Can you imagine the sounds that they have hidden on top of them? This is the lovely excited feeling that anyone with a love of music pressed in authentic designs are living for! The pleasurable act of sticking your hands and heads into boxes full of treasures, and bring home and sample the material to create a historic awesome document for the greater good of music discovery.

Senz Beats probably know what this mumbling is about over here, Senz Beats would probably go to these thrift record shops and feel like being in a heaven. It isn’t really hard to imagine Senz Beats drooling all over the floor when picking up records and discovering amazing music along the searchable journeys. In fact I’m imagining it right now; what a wonderful sight! It’s a thing I would do too if I had money, or was an amazing thief… but unfortunatlely / fortunately I’m not & that’s okay as thanks to Senz Beats and its “ode to the ghosted’ I do feel like I’m drooling there on the floor with Senz Beats too. What a sounds! What a grooves! What a sensations! What a tunes! I’m feeling pretty loved by them! This mixtape has a good story too:

“It’s called Ode to the Ghosted and was originally a tape I made for a girl I dated for a very short period, but it evolved into something else. I gave it to her with a walkman and never heard from her again.”

My theory of this girl walking off with the Walkman with the tape playing inside of it is simply that it was too good… she probably blasted this mix so loud and just walked and walked , completely forgetting the way through being completely distracted by the music. She is probably still walking somewhere, searching for batteries to charge that Walkman back in business again! I can’t imagine this girl ghosting Senz Beats; she was probably immersed by the music and forgot about everything else. Let that be a lesson to all of us; never make your mixtapes too good!

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