Bonnie Paul – I always end up calling you first (and other songs…)

Artist: Bonnie Paul
Title: I always end up calling you first (and other songs…)
Keywords: country
Reviewer: Simon Hit

To be honest, I’m not really a fan of country & western music. If it somehow had been vaporized or exterminated from earth without leaving a single trace of it, I seriously wouldn’t shred a tear… yet, this artist named Bonnie Paul had made my mind think; why acting so harshly about country music? In all honesty if I had just heard Bonnie Paul her songs as a stand alone, I might have just left it behind in the darker forgetful corners of my brain, but as it came also with music videos in which (for example) Bonnie Paul herself showcased her face while wearing an original cowboy hat… well…you know…I got pretty sold by that sight!

In fact I had instantly hanged most of my country and western hate into the highest trees, made some room for me to love it and embraced Bonnie’s song named “I always end up calling you first” a bit like a slimy fan-boy would have done, someone who simply got aroused by good shots of cool looking cowgirls. I mean singers with cowboy hats, looking at the camera in a way that even the biggest hater of the music genre (the genre that she is working in) will forget hate and replace it with adoration and love…. shit, this artist is putting my world upside down… I’m not exactly dancing on the ceiling, still I was instantly hopelessly confused! Gosh, It’s so good to be confused!

The love for her and her music grew even beyond my wildest dreams when I saw and heard her music video for “When I said GoodBye”, here she had different hats on her head and (not to say the least!) showcased a lovely graveyard for us to ponder over! It made me feel a bit like an outsider alien peeking into another world in which I normally wouldn’t have access… it fascinates me! I loved her too when she sang, even bringing salty tears to my ears, blinding my hate almost so much that it was completely driven out of my attitude! Bonnie Paul can do miracles! (Or perhaps ‘alcohol’ is a real magician…) 

I must be really honest over here and let you know that I played the music very soft (almost undetectable) , but I did (honest to God!) watched the video hard! Extremely hard! It was just so fascinating to have such a sneak peak into something I hadn’t known much about… Bonnie (in combination of a firm amount of booze) made me feel so interested that the general resistance for this genre had been as good as vaporized!

I’m terribly weak for ladies who smoke cigarettes, so when I saw Bonnie Paul smoking and singing in her video clip for “Is There More To Life Than This” I was pretty much over the moon. There is just something about cigarettes that gets smoked up; it makes even the countriest ofcountry music look and sound cool, making me feel like I needed to roll up and smoke some tobacco while digesting the reality that country & western music isn’t so bad after all… I mean look at Bonnie Paul her country pants in the video; isn’t it fashionably great? I wished I had a pair of these! Hipsters would carry out a murder to have a pair of pants like that! … hell, they would probably murder to be able to smoke a cigarette as cool as Bonnie Paul does it… do they all smoke those horrible vape cigarettes now? Bonnie certainly keeps it real and non bullshitty!

Oh my gosh… yep… I got the unfortunate Bonnie Paul virus, as after seeing (and a bit of hearing) of this woman in action, (and being too drunk to switch to another channel) I became one of the ultimate YouTube viewers of this artist. These music videos simply just played automatically in order, following each other one by one… Completely fascinated by her video clip for “it was love, now it’s war” I drooled by watching the shadows of this artist kiss with a real looking cowboy in the back, her blond hair so nicely being paired up with his white cowboy hat. I dreamed of horny Broke Back mountain scenes with a handsome cowboy of my choice! That thought will probably keep me up all night! It was here that I though that Country and western music was pretty exciting!

My gosh, YouTube kept me feeding more and more of Bonnie music videos, “childhood Sweethearts” was another one in the session. Lots of kissing, some boots, a guitar, intimacy, a cool encounter with a sailor and even a wedding are all things that pass the revue while watching this music video… I must admit that the audio volume had been low on the entire discovery of Bonnie Paul, probably because I was secretly afraid to find out that I would enjoy this kind of music, or simply to be able to focus more on the visual aspects of the session. In any case I still don’t think I’m a real fan of the genre, but I do think that being drunk helps appreciating country music & that watching these videos is a really nice way of discovering the art of this lovely Bonnie Paul. You can easily see that she has her heart in it, delivering herself in a great audio/visual experience that any lover of this genre would probably get wet and wild for!

So yes, Bonnie might not have totally convinced me to embrace country music , but it for sure made me happy that I’m an pretentious alcoholic with a adventurous music taste. Before I’m going for another well deserved and most needed tequila shot, I would like to say goodbye and drop a ‘take care’… so here I will just do that; Goodbye and take care! See you later! And be sure to check out the country music of Bonnie if that is what you are into! And even if you aren’t into it… try it out with some alcoholic liquids inside of you; you might be surprised of the results!

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