Cowboy Flying Saucer – Cowboy Flying Saucer

Artist: Cowboy Flying Saucer
Title: Cowboy Flying Saucer
Keywords: alternative experimental psychedelic spoken wordwalthamstow flunk improvisation post-punk London

Oh yeah baby, riding the waves & shaking the floors on the sounds of a psychedelic boogaloo-friendly space western with the freaky Cowboy Flying Saucer! This Cowboy Flying Saucer is rocking out, spacey and punky, knows how to roll the drums, and how to spit out the rough vocals and get the right baselines right; my eyes are twirling around like a hypnotic circle as this music plays, sticking my hands up in the sky in the hope that this music comes with a free ticket for a ride in the actual Flying Saucer in the shape of a cowboy. Howdy alien partner, let’s beam me up!

Yeehaw! My internal organs shouted when this album pushed its trance inducing feel-good fatness upon my ears, brain and eventually my soul. Cowboy Flying Saucer got the chill by its claws, play like there isn’t a care in the world and just want to make music to sink away in, be inspired by; beaming us all up for intergalactic traveling sensations among cowboys and cowgirls who shine among the stars. Some rough, others on the edge and many full of salt and vinegar!

Hints of modern day human observation down on earth are laced within these tracks, from recent happenings in England to the more general war tones of the general warmongering elite and it’s following sheep. Lucky Cowboy Flying Saucer come in peace, just put the words to the music to show that the musical alien is well aware of what’s going on, kindly channeling with big tunes like ‘Catholic Naysayers’! So fat and groovy & so accurate!

You can hear that Cowboy Flying Saucer is on a complete roll of freedom of expression. Carefree somewhere in the galaxy with no nasty complaining neighbors trying to keep the noise down this CFS could play whatever it felt like as well as loud that it wanted; creating music tracks that basically just do whatever Cowboy Flying Saucer was feeling like, resulting in a spontaneous album that might just inspire you enough to trigger & unleash your own free instincts through your creative veins!


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