Shelia Moore Piper – Get Excited

Artist: Shelia Moore Piper
Title: Get Excited
Keywords: getting excited, Christian, soul, funk, dance

There are so many things to get excited about… chocolate, cats, dogs, rainbows, baby birds, rollercoasters, paracetamols, drunk driving and strippers. Or passionate sports like kick-chess, finger skating, speed walking, deep sea fishing, fisting and of-course a game of Bingo! Being excited is a passionate feeling, something that will arouse or simply turns you into a real chatterbox that can’t stop bothering everyone with an assault of pure enthusiastic chatter!

Personally I think I’m passionate about sounds, head spinning liquids and of course the occasional sausage. Oh yes, almost forgot; music! Yes, music can make me pretty excited, chatting away like a headless chicken about music so much that nobody wants to listen to me anymore and I had to ban myself to the shame of blabbering away in post ona “music” blog; yes, this is the one here… poor you, now in the corner cornered to read all my passionate exciting ramblings!

So yes, it’s easy for me to get excited about music. Sometimes a bit much, injecting it straight into the face like an addict who simply can’t have enough! Luckily (and unluckily) there is so much available! This tune by Shelia Moore Piper for example had been sitting for quite some time on my shelf of musical precious treasures. I simply didn’t want to overdose and take all the good things at once, but now it was the time to chat away and stick this piece of music here for all of us to enjoy! If you play it you can hear the passion and the joy of all these musical members dancing around in enlightened ways! I’m pretty sure they are excited about this tune too & it seems that the man who had been so famously hanged onto a cross is also one of their inspirations to be excited about!

Yes, Jesus! Next to the occasional sausage, special liquids and listening to sounds I’m also very much into Jesus. Such a great personality! I’ve got posters of him on my wall, he is the legend who died for our sins, the hero who could walk over water and wasn’t too snobbish to do the unthinkable cool thing of turning water into wine! (The only reason why i love wine too) Jesus, is a true hero, foot-massaging his followers and waking up from the death like a true super hero, son of God, his mother’s named Maria! Do you know ‘him’? -splendid!
Do you have him in your heart, is he also excited about you checking out this music video? I bet he is, cause it’s pretty excitingly good! Think of a nice Janet Jackson in the good early days high on good vibes coming from an amazingly groovy band! What else do you need to get excited about? 


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