4zero4 – Aliquid

Artist: 4zero4
Title: Aliquid
Keywords: experimental soundart electroacousticexperimental rock free jazz radioart sound art Salvador
Label: Sê-lo!

We are on a roll today, just after hearing the deeply psychedelic music of “Strange Lights” (see previous review) this one by 4zero4 kicked in! It’s a continuation of druggist’s dreams with electronica as its main ingredient. Download and play it for free and you will see the world fade away as you’ll fly away in a complete different realm of consciousness.

Aliquid is building up steady tripping rhythms with intense harmonic almost abstract mellow melodies that seem to bring a pleasurable feeling of pure warmth and comfort! Its as if these tracks by 4zero4 are designer drugs, perfectly designed to transport our souls out of our heads and into the greater punters of the cosmos! Yep; that’s pretty far out & yes it’s as good as it sounds!

With intoxication and powerful moving electric grooves 4zero4 locks itself onto the pleasure centers of the brain, stuns it with high quality life-changing experiences within the psychedelic trance-state that it itself had created! I can’t get my head around it as this material made me realize that heads don’t matter and that we are all just bits and blobs in the greater good of the entire universe!

With just four tracks 4zero4 takes its listeners on a deep journey in which alien knowledge and calm spirituality is embraced, creating realms that feels like gravity is just a concept and we are all just one, all connected within the electronic tripping delights of this “music”. I set music like this between brackets as this is obviously a case of being so much more than music! Just play it at the right time and fly away! Four o’clock in the night was doing it for me, but then again ‘time Is just a concept and this music is simply beyond that!

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