Brazen Head – (Rex/Hill – Duo) – Verdigris

Artists: Brazen Head – (Rex/Hill – Duo)
Title: Verdigris

Keywords: experimental experimental jazz free jazzimprovised music jazz new jazz ambient dark dark ambient folk hard jazz Sherborne

My eyes, my eyes’ oh my wonderful eyes! I remember standing in front of a shop window that was selling only mirrors and saying the exact thing to myself while looking deeply at my own reflection.

“Hello gorgeous fellow, you drank a bit too much didn’t you?”

Wayne Rex and Tim Hill clearly also have eyes, eyes for cooperation and detail, eyes for beauty and eyes for music. They don’t have my eyes, as if they had them I would probably be blind at the moment of writing this review. I wouldn’t haven minded if they had borrowed mine while doing a listening session to their collaborating album. knowing that if you eat something or hear something while closing your eyes, things become more clearer; flavors are more detailed and richer, music more intense and beautiful; believe me or not, having no eyes could have proper benefits… I believe to still have both of them otherwise I wouldn’t be able to read the title of the first track on this release by this duo named Brazen Head. Or in fact that Wayne Rex and Tim Hill are calling their project Brazen Head at all! But I did firmly closed my eyes when it played & sniffed it all in like a fresh breeze of awakening morning air. The session made the hairs on my hair rise as they fully opened up a grandiose music work that had the swag of a graceful elephant whose presence was filling up the entire room. With intense sax and the epic slow jungle rhythm my closed eyes had been giving a real treatment in the fantastic fantasy department!

I can confirm that keeping the eyes closed as the next track named ‘kraken’ plays, is also the recommended thing to do. Here again hairs on my skin raised up, the ones who live on the back of my neck all stood fiercely up to the graceful music that had a great cinematic effect on the visual center of my brain. I dreamt away of a classy meeting between jazz cats, cool swans with sunglasses on and monkeys banging on garbage bins. Of course the elephant also appeared in the middle, observing the secret concert of this oddball concert of animals that found love in the music that they performed. I could hear them engaging in following each other, sniffing and snugging, seducing each other with groovy tales and duets… all generated by an awesome mix between amazing rhythms and sax, a freeform jazz that defies the borders of anything in the genre!

The third composition named “love sick behemoth” starts of growly and naked, as if we could sneakily peek through a bedroom window and see a saxophone in the nude stepping out of the shower. I felt as if I could follow the sexless sexy saxophone like a true peeking Tom, all through the building and it’s ritual of making coffee, dressing up and going out for a shaky party; all complimented by saxophone’s best friend; drums!

Listening to “A Wake” with my eyes still firmly closed opened up a scenery within my head , one of fallen soldiers, a faithful burial in which formal officers all saluted and family members moan their loss of their beloved loved one. With a militant sadness the parade of coffins got carried in a graceful way as all eyes payed respect with a last salute.

“Moody Bastard” settled in to a shimmering mood, one that could be felt as one that is a bit on the edge, a tiny bit grumpy and ready to punch around to anyone who is walking in the way or is slightly annoying. The music is in their faces, making others tip-toe their ways around them, cause when those cymbals and crashes ring & that saxophone hits that nervous darker note; you better be on the good side of the mood setters!

“Ringing in my ears” I heard with my eyes open, but it being played intoxicatingly enough to take over the abilities of my eyes to actual see reality, I felt like seeing the entire listening-room was a different one than the one I went in before closing my eyes all together; now it was peaceful, calm and ordered; this place had never been seen like this before! Wayne Rex and Tim Hill clearly put their magic spell on it!

Here I realized that this music works well with either the eyes firmly closed or wide open; both having different outcomes perhaps on the brain, but both of them worth to try out! With my listening session to the track named “No Time like the present” I suddenly couldn’t decide if I wanted to experience it with my eyes open or closed, so chose the option of closing and opening them in rapid speed, creating a stroboscopic psychedelic effect that really blended well with the fanatically played cool music over here. I felt like a good version of the pink panther theme was drenched in a bubble bath of LSD and had now began a life on its own!

Last but certainly not least was the work named ‘at the edge of things’ and hear I decided to completely switch of from reality again, clearly seeing visuals while having my eyes as closed as if they had been glued together with superglue. I had visions of wood people sawing pieces of wood, strange slumbering garden gnomes lurking around the house while sticking sticks between the outside fence… I saw strange mysterious dark lights, a nervous bird jumping up and down on a stick in it’s little birdcage and than finally a squeak of a sax! It was all over but it took me a while to realize that it was time to open my eyes again and pen up this review for you…
in any case, feel very free to hear this release with or without the use of your eyes; but definitely don’t forget to use your ears!

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