Strange Lights – This so – called “spirit”

Artist: Strange Lights
Title: This so – called “spirit”
Keywords: experimental ambient dub electronicexperiemental post-rock psychedelic shoegazesoundscape spacewave synthesizer London

Lately I have been seeing strange lights, but very recently I had been actually blessed by hearing them! Strange Lights in audio form have very much the same shape and forms as actual music, but with one big difference; it shines a light upon us in spiritual forms. I mean when I heard ‘this so – called “spirit” as created by Strange Lights, I had the feeling that the ‘music’ shined its way straight through me. Don’t compare it to these cancer scanners at the airport security checkpoints, but more as some higher psychedelic being that just buzzes freely through the entire human system, it definitely fuzzed me up with a certain musical spirituality that is coming across as alienating in a bright and joyful way.

While digging a track named “Spirit Drone” I even discovered for the very first time that these “Strange Lights” even contained vocals, ones that sounded delightful and definitely not too bothered by singing in a lovely way to tickle our senses. In all honesty I felt like they brought me to some holy river and brought me inside for a ritual in which all sins had become cleared & acid drops could be digested freely as a faithful reward; so lovely! The music opened up like an acidic episode in which reality and surreality had fade away to a thin lines concept and all that was there was just the feeling of ‘being’. Psychedelic music that shoots it bright shiny lasers all through its lucky receivers! Is this the music of enlightenment? Gosh, it just might be exactly that!

This feeling didn’t disappear with the third tune on this trip for the mind and ears of an release! This one was epically titled “The Black Tortoise of the North”. Listening to it feels like a sensation in which all the stars and planets align, bringing a atmospheric scenery never heard or seen before; one of pure healing ambience and druggy exploration between existing and non-existing! It’s a complete trip for the entire music loving mind and body, taking you to places you’d never thought you would dare to visit before! If music was drugs; this is it!

Sun Dub (see a sun rise) rolls out with a superb fat baseline, one that is incredible deep enough to rip reality apart and make you feel like you can walk through walls, dance upside down like a worshipping sun lover that is awake before the birds and want to see the tide of darkness turn into sunshine!

At the end there is the Shaman Goat Dance, one that is like dancing on the coals of a hot fire, with an irreversible trance inducing groove and a third dimensional feel in the psychedelia department. Around it waves an shamanic angelic voice that takes the music into such higher atmospheres that I had to check if I was still on earth when the track was finished; so insanely good, it’s a strong audio drug on its own! Very much recommended to blast this EP as loud as possible; it will take you to places that normally only psychedelic psychonauts would be able to visit! Amazing!

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