Svet – Gloomy Swamp, Breathless Mud

Artist: Svet
Title: Gloomy Swamp, Breathless Mud
Keywords: experimental punk extended technique folk musicimprov jazz sound art vocal music San Antonio
label: Rat Tail Tapes

Hello & welcome back at another episode of what-I-call great music discoveries! This here is text, but if you click the artwork at the top of it, or alternatively move to the bottom of this writing and click on the link; you will discover an album that might be with you for days, months, years, ages & quite possibly Forever! From the first track you will be introduced to the artist magical use of voice, experimenting by waving one vocal together in many ways, creating a warm welcome for anything and everyone who loves music with a true distinctive personality.

From here only goodness can come & this intimate sounding open-mindedness that you can find in “Gloomy Swamp, Breathless Mud” by Svet is exactly giving you that! With the second work named “Wet April” the artist lays down the words in such creative ways, laces them at times with minimal electronic helpers that respectfully help to nail these folkish shamanic punk to the levels of the next. It’s a very soulful one, one that feels as if it’s a holistic ride in which Svet cleans herself and becomes one with the water, spirituality declaring to not be a woman anymore! It made me feel as if I wasn’t a listener anymore, just a pair of well willing ears that didn’t want anything else than hearing more from where this all had came from!

“Touch” is the proof that this artist can do so much in such a short time frame, keeping her vocal magic as minimal as possible, laying down the exact feeling of pure improvisation, a way of expressing that takes confidence and courage to create & it’s obvious that Svet has plenty of both of it to keep her musical bones alive with such distinctive proud deliverance! Her voice sounds as warm as a calm fire, wisely cracking forward into our enthusiastic memory; the place where all music that is good gets registered… I’m not speaking about artist names and projects being noted down with the help of a crayon, no I’m talking about irreversible tattoos! 

Hymn for the little men in the hall’ introduces the sound of a piano to the vocal based sounding materials. The track feels poetic, slightly dark and it’s here clear that Svet is not just using words, but her voice in combination with the music that she channels with her hands and brain as pure expressive instruments. Svet is the instrument and is music! The hymn transforms into something more edgy an powerful in a way that it gives us eager listeners energy and hope for a great music future yet to come!

But the future is now & Svet’s songs and music is simply time & basically genre-less. Not afraid to do whatever that makes sense, providing the act of brushing teeth along with harsher noise & twisting her extremely warm and kind sounding vocals in a way that makes miraculously lots of sense in it’s togetherness. This must be coming from an artist that is swimming in a talented mindset that is free and this freedom of expression and creation is to me jaw dropping and inspiring at the same time!

With experimentation, rhythm, electric undertones and lots of passion Svet takes you from light into the shadows and back into the light again! Stunning your ears at every corner with effects and ways that feel very much true to the core of this artist, as if Svet has exposed her heart and just let it all go out for us to hear and see. It doesn’t sound forced, it sounds as if it’s done on the spot, channeled from the inside out; this way of expressing is sounding wonderful and pure! Even the curious birds that fly around in these recordings feel as if they had flown in with pure curiosity; what is this audio magic and can we please sing and play along?

 If anything word-wise on my part is justified to say about this phenomena of an album and artist discovery, I would say; this is art, as art should have been… inspiring, comforting, thrilling, challenging, fearless, adventurous and bravely pure! This must be coming straight from the heart, one that is aligned with the creative clouds of Mother Nature, all done by Svet that has the personality and talent to grab it and makes it all come to life! Pretty amazing! Makes you want to sing, doesn’t it? Please do check this album out, trust me this gloomy swamp of breathless mud might be exactly what you need right now:


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