Beema Monroe – Scuse Me 2wice

Artist: Beema Monroe
Title: Scuse Me 2wice
Keywords: hip-hop/rap dope female mc lyrical southern rapunderground hip hop Tampa

Well excuse me… but…
Boh! I’m speechless, wordless and annihilated text-wise; I simply don’t know what to say! This woman named Beema Monroe has simply all the words, the grooves and the rhymes & there isn’t really a need for anyone like me to even try an attempt to say something as cool as anything that comes so naturally flying out of her own mouth.

Scuse Me 2wice’ is simply packed with words, sharp and witty, thrown out in tight flows over rhythmic music your mother had warned you about! “Be careful boys & girls, before you know it you might find yourself wiggling your behind in front of strangers in a club!”

Excuse me but…These beats and those words are like killers, irresistible tunes that are impossible not to move too. So you better be healthy and have a conscious mind otherwise you might end up with a fatal heart attack while dancing to them! Than again thinking about that… there are definitely worse ways to die from exhaustion triggered by dancing to much. So even the sick; crank this shit up and wiggle, hop around and let these fun kicks kick in and enjoy the machine gun of super tightness that this queen among MC’s is spitting out in no-time! She is pretty much a kick ass league of her own!

Excuse me but I also need to mention that this release contains a tune named ‘Work it off’ which in all honesty must be the most perfect fitting soundtrack for anyone attending the gym; a exceptional motivational one for losing body waste, burning fat & gaining muscles! Who needs a trainer when you have an album like this around? Also who needs conversations with people around you if you can be pumping up on these beats while a complete salvo of single mouthed words by Beema can be voluntarily shot at your ears! It’s the perfect excuse to avoid conversations in general, just blast it out loud enough so you can’t even hear yourself (or anyone else mumble) and just dig these tunes as good as they are!

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