The Great Daryl Nathan

People in the nineties that would watch a local public access television show named The Great Daryl Nathan show must have been totally exited when The Great Daryl Nathan showed up in his curly hair & tuxedo! His eyes shining from pure enthusiasm while he used all the best preset sounds from his keyboard & played and sang the best live performances right there on the big screen! It must have been magical to have been able to zap into this channel and see and hear this talented legend being straightly beamed from your television straight into your living room!

I’m not a American, or such a lucky local who had the opportunity to watch and hear The Great Daryl Nathan in its original form on the public access channel, but I’m one of these late losers that had to discover his magic through the hipster infested social media video sharing website named ‘YouTube”. You might have heard about it, the place for videos of piano playing cats, Tonetta and being rock rolled with Rick Astley. But it’s also the home of some of thes previous (luckily not lost!) cultural treasures of recordings with
The Great Daryl Nathan as previously seen on the public access channel! It’s things like this that makes me love YouTube, as damn now that I have seen and heard The Great Daryl Nathan perform, I certainly wouldn’t want to imagine dying without ever having the opportunity to hear and see this very special talent of an artist perform!

Especially seeing the performance of his big hit “spinning wheel” made my head go round from pure excitement! Not only how The Great Daryl Nathan is carrying himself within this work, but also how invitingly friendly the song and show is! At the moment that he himself stood up to showcase how the dance named “spinning wheel” is done, I was definitely fully sold! This man got the voice, the grooves, the sounds and damnit; he clearly got the moves! Don’t you love him how he puts up his hands to take us higher? How he swings to turn around and swings with his words like a true gifted music maker that is truly on top of his game? Who can resist his form of security and passionate playing? I certainly cannot! I love this man, throw myself at his feet (after spinning around while doing the spinning wheel of course…)

The Great Daryl Nathan doesn’t need a full band with unreliable band members to shine and go it’s thing, he is a true solo man! A incredible artist whose star qualities are simply too big for anyone else (music-wise) to be around! Besides he is a solo man, having the music underneath the control of his fingertips & always there for himself to be counted on to do his ultimate best! And looking at the many footages of him; he definitely is at his best at all times! Music that comes from the heart!

The way that he danced with his feet or head, the great theatrical skills of a true entertainer is surely a fascinating thing to watch and hear. With ease The Great Daryl Nathan can make one minimal looking head move into one that is charming and well planned in all its choreography! It’s no wonder that he as a singer had to be aware of all the pretty girls, cause it’s hard to not fall in love with this man!

The thing with The Great Daryl Nathan is that he is so genuinely genuine. He is giving every inch within his music, warming you up with his lovable presence and carefully crafted music! You can’t help but feel happy when seeing and hearing The Great Daryl Nathan doing his thing, as it’s giving him this big smile that you can only respond with by giving a big smile back! And with these words it’s clear that it’s time to spice up this adoring post with the musical performance of “Are you smiling at me”? Another one of The Great Daryl Nathan greatest!

There is much more material out there on YouTube in case you are in need for a step down memory lane or simply like me; are discovering the amazing music and performances from this soulfully one man entertaining band! So go on a stroll and beware of The Great Daryl Nathan as he will most likely take you higher than you had ever been before!

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