Channelers – Faces Of Love

Artist: Channelers
title: Faces Of Love
keywords: ambient devotional drone electronic folk love magic minimal trance Oakland

Faces Of Love comes in like a sentimental steamboat that just departed from land and is now taking us for a grandiosely calm adventure. The water is uber relaxed and the flow is nicely grand as its moving down the stream. The sparkles coming from sunshine reflecting in the water are there to brighten up the pathway of our trip & its calming attitude makes us want to find a luxurious hammock with a view on the top deck…

Clearly we can use this opportunity to throw all our sorrows and troubles in the big ocean as when you go away in this relaxing state, its best not to be bothered with anything else than sunshine and complete nothingness. Oh, and yes! Music! Never forget the music, as the ambient music that channeled this vision of this luxurious worryless boat trip is pretty much the most important thing over here…

Channelers basically had dropped the perfect backdrop of this headache-less state. And with this release it provides a nicely loving soundtrack that quietly streams away in an anti-disturbing kind of way; very easy going, minimal and no massive orchestra to torture your brain cells with new things to think about… These “faces of love” are terribly kind and polite indeed! You might want to hop on board of that steamy boat of pure minimalism and enjoy the sounds of anti-silence in an almost silent way…

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