Various Artists – antilounge records – Antilounge 18

Artists: Various
title: Antilounge 18
keywords: electronic the hague catwoman electronic sounds electronic sounds from the hague woman ‘S Gravenhage
label: antilounge records

Stekkerdoos – Dezelfde Ogen
This compilation of female artists doing their own thing couldn’t start with a better drastic sounding opener than ‘Dezelfde Ogen’ by Stekkerdoos. It’s a strange soundtrack in which intimate warmth is being beamed into our ears that felt to me as if we are under the blankets, listening to the sounds of our own ears slipping over pillows and bedsheets while a whispering voice seducing us towards a pleasant deep sleep; a great open minded place to be to approach all the fascinating tracks on this collection.

Baiba Yurkevich – Thetherer
…a collection that simply gets easily brightened with the loving sounds that Baiba provided within her ‘Thetherer’ work. One that sparkles warm melodic twinkles in an atmospheric dreamy scene that stimulates both ears (attached to both sides of our heads) and that one mind (inside our head) with great stereophonic effects. So very pleasant, that it’s almost hard to swallow that it has to end…

D.Direktor – Mysterious Lady
…but it’s a real pleasure to be rolled into the music of D.Direktor, especially with this electronic rhythmic slow & deep sounding track named “Mysterious Lady” It’s going for that deep depth of slow mysterious dreamy techno that brings out all the best of electronic music. The great atmosphere of brain-pleasurable vibes, the deep baselines with wobbly acid-friendly feelings and that mystique ambient flavor that makes it all a glory to play and hear… so mysterious and so lady like!

STRICT NURSE – Witch-Hazel
This compilation might simply amaze you with its intriguing hypnotic dreamy high quality content,
and this experimental warm episode in electric dream-craft by STRICT NURSE is simply a strong standing factor within it. “Witch-Hazel” feels like listening to a purring stroking cat that gets sung by its loving human witchy friend… An abracadabra spellbinding spell in music form!

Rowine – Fluent Water
The flow of electric water has never been so relaxing in its energetic fluent form as its here captured and provided by Rowine’s track. With the art of presenting and playing around with a fine round baseline and an efficient sounding beat this artist directs like it has invented sophisticated minimalism & sits on it as a fierce ruler of coolness. It’s a shame that the track is short as this felt to me like it could have gone on forever and no hair on my head (I’m not bold!) would complain about it!

Stellaria Nemorum – Secondlight
It just gets better and better with “Secondlight” by Stellaria Nemorum, a thick track featuring intelligent rhythm programming with the use of fat drum sounds and aromatic mysterious atmospheric ambience that smells of the good old days of the Braindance time-period. Material that will make you want to jump on board of the google search engine, type in the artist her name and hit the ‘search’ button! We need to hear more of this!

Java Flynn – Albedo
Java Flynn takes us to a wonderful dreamscape in which tears could flow indestructible from out of both our eyeballs; this “Albedo” is one source of pure emotion, warm, gentle, kind and very intensive. With sweet textures that will take even the most hardened person away to the state of a sobbing earth respecting friendly friend! Wonderfully epic!

Zoe Reddy – Needed
A very interesting twist and change of tone comes with “Needed” by Zoe Reddy, who not only brings a very pleasant wobbling baseline and a snakingly cool rhythm to dance upon, but also brought out her impressive vocal skills to the mix. She sounds just as good as the music that her voice sensationally flows over. Seasoned, cool and heartfelt she winds you up around her finger with the best intriguing animalistic attitude that you would be able to find on this compilation…

Kneena – Berlin
Kneena comes across as the evil Knievel over here, slowly interesting our senses with a minimal set of oddball sound changes in singular melody form. The result is surprisingly intimate & all absorbing;
before you know it, the work has passed away and you will look bewildered as you’d probably had wanted to hear more from where this had come from!

Sweet Eliot – Catherine
…But luckily Sweet Eliot is here to seduce our ears with utter magic trapped in her hauntingly goody named ‘Catherine’. It has the feel of going out late at night to an open field in the middle of a dark forest for a strange gathering of magic. There is something euphoric, dangerous and grand within this track; it gives me the feeling that whoever “Catherine” is, she is definitely a strong force to be aware off!

Medium Rar – Into the Forest
Talking about getting into the woods, ‘Medium Rar’ is also taking us out with this firm electronic stomper of a track. The voice of questionable origin tells us the story of going out wide-awake into the forest, searching for foot prints leading to nobody less than “you”. And in case you might be wondering why you would be there in the first place, this electric music has simply the moving power to get you there.

Tracy2Cat – Well
Talking about powers of magical kinds, “Well” by Tracy2Cat has definitely plenty of it! This track feels like a shamanic session in pure electronic form, something abstract and rhythmic that feels like it’s made by a person who had been on a mission to understand the truths of the universe & manages to put a single bit of that precious wisdom in… Well… Let’s get intoxicated!

N.A.O.M.I. – Three Musketeers
The deeper we get into this compilation, the more I can say that these artists are on a high level of highness. With “Three Musketeers’ by N.A.O.M.I. it’s easy to be taken away and rolled into a dancing irresistible lover of electronic music. The baseline and easy going feel goodness as captured in the style of hypnotic music over here are so effective that it’s not even needed for the artist to drop a bass-kick to get you moving around happily! This is perfectionism in minimalism in all the best possible ways!

ALINA VALENTINA – Zoals het is
All the way at the end, there is “Zoals het is” by ALINA VALENTINA, the one and only needed proof that the Dutch language hailing from the Netherlands is very much suitable to sound cool in a world of electronica-pop. The song sounds superbly charged with emotion, bringing human and machine together in the final stage of this very fine high quality compilation of female artists from Den Haag.
Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

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