Artist: FAXES
keywords: experimental noise pop portland or weirdo consumer. disco electronic free jazz gonzo kraut noise post-punk Portland
label: SDM Records

Halleluiah! Let’s get our dancing shoes out, put them in the bin and dance the day away on bare feet! I mean, with FAXES playing it’s time to say “F*CK IT* and throw off all your unneeded clothes and accessories and go full nudity to be undistracted and undistracted by earthly dilemmas (and fabrics)! Besides, this release is so hot, if you don’t throw away off your clothes it would probably turn into a water pool of pure sweat when listening to these short lived punkish lo-fi electro f*ckers!
Somehow it smells of moldy basements, with enough flavor to get any non-drug taker as high as a kite whether the beats are slow and the baselines are dirty, or if they are up and more bright; it’s all part of heating up the HUMAN SCALE!

This is the sound of a wickedly insane cool underground party in which FAXES are out to get us lifted out from our own skulls, readily to be connected to something outstanding in a low laying rocking electro groove that will spice you up like a chicken that turns around on a spit roast; your mind will be fried and your body burned from excessive heath! Out of their minds FAXES might be, but the project excellently knows how to translate their weirdness into accessible hotness! If you don’t feel comfy naked; body painting might help, or simply just let this music dress you up… it’s pretty spicy to wear, instant sunglasses will grow in front of your eyes & a cigarette (for detail) will hang suddenly underneath your top lip; this is madness as the noisy soup of insanity twirls around to make it all sound good!

Let’s scream and shout it out loud, bump your body into a weird position and start enjoying this sh*t! What are you waiting for? Summer? Just dive deep down into this dusty basement, unleash yourself and join the freedom of being nakedly insane as inspired by this cool edgy music! And trust me… I’m aware that these words don’t make much reasonable sense, but fuck it; its FAXES that will F you up in a very good way!

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