White War – Now Watch The Body Disappear

Artist: White War
title: Now Watch The Body Disappear
Keywords: experimental ambient artrock blackened punk crust punk hardcore industrial lofi noise punk New Jersey

Well than… welcome back. If you still have your ears and they actually both are in good condition: congratulations! You want it to change? Also congratulation for arriving at the right place for this delightful opportunity to turn them into useless pieces of face-decoration! Oh yes, “Now Watch The Body Disappear” by White War might not be all too long (a little bit more than 8 minutes is what I’m talking about…) but hell, this track simply doesn’t need any longer to kill your hearing off like the opposite of a silent killer!

Of course you have to put the volume up all the way in the levels of extreme pain, but other than that it’s all White War’s effective atmospheric ear-shredding punk noise heaviness that is responsible for the complete annihilation of the function ability of your ears.
It’s loud, harsh, hard and extreme, so if that’s the last thing that you would ever hear it’s at least something epic and good, something you could bear in mind for a memorable memory…
Remember when White War destroyed your joy of listening to music ever again? It was good wasn’t it? … what? what did you say? cant hear a thing!

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