Brinstaar – Mielisss

Artist: Brinstaar
title: Mielisss
keywords: ambient avant-garde dark ambient deep drone experimental industrial psychedelic soundscape Russian Federation

Diving gear is still on… flippers are around my feet, goggles in front of my eyes…
I got to detach the mouth piece for oxygen as with it on it’s really difficult to dictate the words that you are attempting to read over here…
You know girls and boys, I had been on an ocean-deep adventure & surprisingly; I lived to tell the tale!

It was amazingly deep, black, blue, beautiful, cold and alienating in an underwater-like way.
The dive under the depths of the ocean was smooth, quick and a wonderful experience.
Lots of surprises are there in that unexplored wet location, ones that had lots of bubbles flying away next to my ears, and trust me; this was not me farting in the sea… it was and still is music!

Music that alien fishes made, all salty and happy, conspiring to drag me and supporting air tanks to the most undetected bottoms of the salty waters, finding places in which strange undocumented alien fishes greet with delight and warmth, strange corners in which no normal human being would normally be found alive, creating zones in which exclusive realms of serene peacefulness rule the scepter.

The place made me sink into myself, creating visions of inner things projecting themselves into lonely sea creatures that gracefully went out to check the odd character in the ugly diving gear.
Slowly I felt myself sinking in this world, no reason for me to swim back up to the surface; this was the place I wanted to stay and be forever; like a lonesome temple of real serenity and pure thoughts of absolutely nothing!

I met some visually stunning jelly fish, they said hellos in multiple colored ways, lighting up the path with enough electric bizarreness that it made me enthusiastic again to return back up… Just to tell you all about these beautiful creatures that had been living and hiding down the watery surface. I had no camera with me, so it would be hard for me to give evidence of them… but in a way, who wants to live life through the lens of a photo camera or disturb these jellies with uncomfortable flash lights to create the perfect picture?

I realized once I was back on board of the ship that had dropped me in the ocean that this must be kept secret, that nobody would know about this under water space of surreal peace and friendly fish and underwater creatures… Why ruin a good thing? Before you know it, new age swimmers would kill all the coral riffs and occupy this place in their latest neon painted bathing costumes…
But you… because you are trustworthy and cool… you I will provide the way…
So pssshhh… when you really need some time off, be alone in a beautiful underwater place,
Put on your diving gear and dive into this link wisely :

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