Free Radical – Malady Delight – EP

Artist: Free Radical
title: Malady Delight – EP
keywords: alternative electronic alternative pop electronic music experimental electronic female female vocals indie indie pop new synth synthpop synthwave Los Angeles

Hello and welcome back at YIKIS, let me introduce you to the super girl music by Free Radical. She is an alternative electronic producer and solo artist based out of L.A. and Malady Delight is her debut EP that might have to grow onto you, but when you dive in you might find a treasure of personal strength and fun!

Free Radical slurped up enough poppy electronica and quirkiness to deliver something catchy, squeaky and bubbly bobbly. With her vocals she shines in a joyful fun way on top of electropop that serves as a platform for her jolly vocal expressions. With kicking electric kicks, danceable snippets and a sharp wit attached to her voice “Free Radical” proofs that she is all the way up to the scene’s greatest & ready to go even higher; claiming the seats and thrones of anyone who had gone the electropop roads before her, rolling out her own red carpet at home to dance over and do her things on. Isn’t that the ultimately free radical thing to do? … Not necessarily, but in this case it is!

She sounds like fun, like someone who you want to hold hands with when racing into the weekend for a fun party! Don’t use both hands though as you need one hand to hold your drink, unless you have this special kind of beer bottle hats or beer belts; don’t know who invented them but they are just like the umbrella-hat a handy invention to keep your hands free to do other things… free Radicalism at its finest!

With lyrics that will stay on the edge of catchiness, cheekiness and witted smart assery, Free Radical proofs to be a quirky juggler of words. The electronic grooves, poppy beats, waves of baselines, piano bits, electric choirs and lots of synthesizer goodness are helping to lift these lyrics up. Together they throw away the concept of singing songwriters always needing ‘to play and sing with a guitar’ off a very high cliff! These numbers don’t lie! And in this case these ‘numbers’ refer to these tracks on this fine EP…

Only thing that might be is that some of it is slurping at times a bit much in the realms of Free Radical her influences, but screw them as she is as herself and that isn’t a bad thing, especially if you like the likes of ‘Little Dragon’ but do need a more personal one with a less big style production… Free Radical sounds more home based, a powerful bedroom production that doesn’t need to deal with the problems of musicians egos & producer opinions; she sounds like she could freely and radically do whatever she wanted and needed to do on this EP!

With her instincts on the keys, her music is all in her own hands & that sounds very, very awesome! Check it out and give Free Radical her music a chance, only if it’s just to hear her (in my opinion) best sing-a-long hit for these crazy moments in time that we are living in “Kathleen Hanna” and feel the empowering girl anthem’s strength! Pretty freeing isn’t it?

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