Barberic Slapton – tonne

Artist: Barberic Slapton
title: tonne
keywords: experimental crunchy noise rage weird Hamilton

Barberic Slapton has brought the music that you ought to hear, material that Stockhausen would masturbate too and Einstein would pulls his nose hairs out with. With a strong pass in the legs the first one named ‘naptonne’ steps fiercely in. It’s like psychedelic fireworks to my ears, heels clicking on the terrain while rockets gets launched into the ether and submarines bubble around in electrified water… In other words; it’s abstract! But oh so mentally challenging the sensible corners of a person’s intellect… But wait, it gets even weirder… pardon, I mean; it gets even intensively better!

A track named ‘live at doors pub’ will pop in like a instant hellfire in which a panicked panic shouts at the hairs of your neck to stand up and bow to the noise! Barberic Clapton pushes us all to the edge with an expression of sharp psychosis and a nasty cloud of steaming loudness. It feels as if she is channeling the spirits of people falling out of burning buildings, or personas that are going through a situation similar to being burned alive at the stake… It’s really nerve wrecking, painful and yet completely intriguing… This doors pub must have been in flames when this was recorded & its patrons probably terrified for their lives! It’s amazing how intense this is!

Last on the row of pure audio wickedness by Barberic Clapton is ‘afergraf’ , a track in which a more dreamy spiritual shamanic atmosphere seems to establish itself. With trippy organic tingling bell-like noises and a voice that seems to be channeling long lost sisters from the afterlife this work intrigues again. So much so that it made me sit on the edge of my seat & head leaning against the speakers; what is this wizardry? Who is Barberic Clapton and how is this made? Is this magic or pure spiritual noise crafts? … Who cares, as it plays superbly with the head and imagination & that’s all that you all should know!


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