DHNW – Pure Morning (EP) (2017)

Artist: DHNW
Title: Pure Morning (EP) (2017)
Keywords: HNW, Harsh Noise Wall
reviewer: Simon Hit

You can say what you want, but when a track in the HNW genre is playing; it’s just time to shut up, put the volume a little bit higher and let your ears crumble while they face the damage! It’s a bit like a fire-lover who loves to jump in every fire that the fire lover sees! This music is pretty hard and damaging (when played at the right harshness) but it’s a nice damage, a lovely form of pain and hearing loss!

This free downloadable 9 minute track is certainly no leftover, or material that you could skip around if you are into this kind of self-torture; it’s just exactly what it says on the tin & if you are into it you should have nothing to keep you away from jumping into these hot burning crackles of stable Harsh noise & sit out the ride until it’s finished doing its thing with you.

However this release did sound a bit different compared to others in the genre. It did certainly played tricks on my mind, making me feel like it’s been speeding up, changing its pace and sound, seducing my ears to anything that sounds less stable than the traditional sounding harsh walls. This movement took me by surprise and I want even sure if this was real, or just the damage of listening to too much of this kind of material throughout the years… but hell, changes are very frightening when stumbling upon them in these Harsh noise walls! It’s a reason to become paranoid & that’s what this ‘Pure Morning’ had done to me… as even now, I’m not really sure if this HNW work had changed or that it was just a fraction of the imagination… scary times, those “pure morning” ones…

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