Gliou gleu – Collection de Sons Gliou

Artist: Gliou gleu
Title: Collection de Sons Gliou
Keywords: electronic experimental world audacityexperimental electronic gliou gliou gleu lo-fi tryhardweird France

Some people collect tea cups, others hand bags, shoes, dolls, used bin bags or lids of bottles. Recently I met someone who collected nothing less than real life pigs, combined with pig statues, pig plates, piggy banks and pig dolls made out of wool; let me tell you this collection was indeed unlike any other collection I had ever seen… amazing… yet I’m a personal level it didn’t really do a thing for me. I love pigs (unless it’s the ones that wear police uniforms) but to collect them and their pig-like stuffs was something that didn’t really rocked my boat…

…but than today I stumbled upon this collection of Sons Gliou! Holy macaroni that was a complete different thing! I might as well say that this was a collection I could identify with, something that would inspire me to start my own collection of Sons Gliou… that’s how much I enjoyed it! Such a nice diversity in this collection and yet so much togetherness at the same time; really something that would make you want to empty a cupboard and go on a search to fill every bit of it up with all that is Sons Gliou!

I would place all the collected Sons Gliou works together, mixing the 8bit friendly ones with the more ambient orientated stuff, next to the ones that has field-recordings attached to them… no discrimination between the more oriental sounding ones or the ones that felt in a charming gametune category… or those French sounding pieces, with accordion and a glow of good red wine… or the ones that have a bit more of a cowboy look and feel…

my gosh, with a collection like the Sons Gliou one diversity simply knows no end! It’s a collection that I would simply not be bored with… I don’t know, I wouldn’t place them in alphabetic order and wouldn’t discriminate by choosing my favorite and my least favorite as all the Sons Glious in the Sons Gliou collection would simply all be my favorite! Good thing is that you could actually get this collection & not even having to search and collect them for yourself… you just steal it, or better (if you can afford) donate some money to Sons Gliou for the creation of great music, or you know… stream the collection whenever you want from the amazing collection place itself; its a collection every collector would be happy with:

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2 Responses to Gliou gleu – Collection de Sons Gliou

  1. Gliou says:

    Thank you for this amazing review, i am the creator of this album

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