Jessica Worms – R I S E


Artist: Jessica Worms
title: R I S E
keywords: Punk, rock’n’roll, Psychobilly, Horror Punk, Dark Punk, Brazil,
labels: Death Roots Syndicate / Contrabandeando Discos
reviewer: Willem van O.

Jessica Worms is a hell-trashy rocknroll duo with no further interests besides getting wasted and having fun.

…In other words, Jessica Worms is an example for most of us. When you play the music of this duo consisting of Gregory Debaco (Guitar / Vocals) & Lincoln Tomazzoni (Drums) you can feel that they are on a roll, being the effective fuckups of society that don’t care about the future & have no shame to throw their rubbish on the street or in this case in your ears. They are the next chapter of the book that you never have read; the best of the sex pistols attitude without the selling out part to butter and heroin.

They are the true scumbags who play to get pissed, screw it all up just to be able to piss over your loved ones and the world in general. Their music is good and effective, super raw like uncooked middle fingers that poke out any earworms with their screw it all up effective attitude. They give away their stuff for free, don’t care about them being awesome or doing gigs in big massive halls; they are the real thing! Preferring carton boxes above luxury toilet seats!

Somehow listening to their free release you can clearly feel that they are “it”, people who have and are living it, slamming their heads, breaking their bones, basically killing them selves to live and do their thing! Their third EP is a slam down the throat, full of blistering energy and “we don’t care” vibes & because this sounds so honest and truth, these wild madmen of rock n roll might sound more pure than any long lost punk band that you find now reuniting on poetic television shows.
Yep, they clearly don’t care if you like their music, if you download it (for free or not) or even show one sign of interest; but hell any lover of real stuff made by people that love to get trashed should pay attention to these gentlemen playing as Jessica Worms.

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