Música Inmobiliaria – Dance

Artist: Música Inmobiliaria
title: Dance
keywords: Música Inmobiliaria, Dance, IDM, Colombia, José Gallardo
label: Peublo Nuevo http://www.pueblonuevo.cl/

Música Inmobiliaria mobilizes the essential alternative dance moves with an electric experimental touch; like a pleasant stroke on the head and a computerized hug the project brings in a bunch of strange sounds, a whole group that pleasantly bounce in to slowly but surely make your mind bump into easy-going glorifications of pure synthesizer dance music with a future pop attitude.

Wise words… perhaps unreadable… but these kind of music tracks deserve some ‘chin stroking’ textual wise as writing that its ‘cool shit’ just wouldn’t sound right enough to glorify this 25+ minute of electro goodness. With the right tempo Música Inmobiliaria works its way all the way up, spreads its waves of melody and rhythms like true heroes that will save the day! And trust me “they” will save the day!

When the music speeds up and takes on a bright electro-pop shape in which you would expect happy robots to jam out on their robotic friends, you just know that this is the hidden gem that you had been waiting upside down in your bed for… It’s a reason to smile and be happy, hearing this release opening up, growing to spread its acid love within its melodies and robot-sweetness with its humane singing through the always intriguingly warm sounding vocoder vocals!

Even a swinging cowbell can do no harm!

Música Inmobiliaria will mobilize and surprise you the further you expose yourself to it, growing & growing into a hypnotic orgasm-worthy case of pretty electronica music! Even a cool down track is included, bringing us unsettled heads back to reality after such an awesome ride of free downloadable electro music that could have been worth billions!

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3 Responses to Música Inmobiliaria – Dance

  1. mikamartini says:

    Many thanks for the review!
    Only please if you can fix an important data in the head: our label is Pueblo Nuevo and our site is http://www.pueblonuevo.cl
    greetings from Chile
    Mika Martini

  2. musicainmobiliaria says:

    Hi, thacks for listening and write about my music! Jose Gallardo A aka Música Inmobiliaria

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