Stacy Weaver – Run To The Hills

Artist: Stacy Weaver
title: Run To The Hills
keywords: Christian singer, karaoke, accapella
reviewer: Simon Hit

God’s powers are amazing & with such a talented singer as the one and only Stacy Weaver among his faithful believers, his powers simply proof to have gone in full overdrive! This amazing singer can probably take on any song, no matter how difficult or hard to do, as he is the artist who is simply capable to do miracles singing-wise! Empowered by his strong lung capacity, vocal control and natural singing voice ‘Stacy Weaver’ simply is on a next level in the spiritual music scene!

Stacy Weaver is at his best while performing Christian songs; he performs with a rock attitude, hitting those delightfully high notes with an amazing graze! When he sings his love for the son of the lord you simply feel it in your bones & you know that he means every powerful word that he sets out of his mouth! When he sings “Run To The Hills (Jesus Christ Is Lord)” you will immediately want to run to the hills and raise your hands in the air, raising them so high in the hope that the holy savior would come down to save us from potential doom! This is a performance that anyone (if you have faith or not) would agree to find stunningly amazing! Behold the truth as Stacy Weaver is probably one of the best honest power house singers ever to be found on YouTube!

If there is still doubts in your head, or need a little bit more proof of this amazing singer’s talent, you must hear his strong voice without any music distractions! How beautiful his voice sounds, how incredible his words of strength come out as he performs “Shout To The Lord”; this must be ‘the best Christian Accapella song’ ever recorded! Stacy Weaver simply moves heaven closer to earth with his singing! Isn’t it amazing? It really makes you feel blessed being able to hear and see such talent at the comfort of your screen:

If you need a different approach to be convinced of the brilliant qualities that this singer has, you might be falling in love while he sings the popular David Guetta Ft. Usher hit named “Without You”.
He hits all the emotional tones, high and low and with pure devotion… It’s one of the best karaoke sessions that you’ll probably ever hear and see, one that has the capability to move you to tears & the power to turn every hard stubborn atheist into a loyal Christian! If Stacy Weaver would perform in Sunday church, there would be no place to sit! To me, Stacy Weaver is a gift from Heaven!

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