Bobby Pin – Tekno Rewolucja wsrod Kobiet

Artist: Bobby Pin
title: Tekno Rewolucja wsrod Kobiet
keywords: experimental bad music lo-fi nostalgia psychodelic weird Bytom

Life is good (at times) and these times are certainly here when spooning up these two retro candies by Bobby Pin. Two instant synthesizer ‘punk’ classics with perfect sounds, sassy melodies and unexpected big-ness that might come out of nowhere… Like a mental nanny that had just appeared on your balcony with an umbrella in her hand; these tunes are here to do some little magic and some fun on-the-edge miracles.

But wait until this Mary opens the mouth… You will be shocked and taken by surprise again; this is Bobby Pin with his lungs out and his heart on his sleeve, showcasing a voice full of distortion! Bobby throws in his quirkiness that feels ultimately happy and yet so nicely fucked up and insane! It’s those kinds of surprises that will make you think; life is good and DAMN it’s good to know that we are not the only insane ones! Let’s go for a dance with the penguins and work overloaded chimney sweepers & have a really, really, really good time!

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