Elastic Dog –  Just This, Not You

Artist: Elastic Dog
Title: Just This, Not You
Keywords: electronic experimental ambience ambient analogelectronica glitch guitars live processing microphonesnoise psychedelic sampling synths weird Warsaw

Elastic Dog’s Just This, Not You got everything to make you feel like you have just swallowed a happy pill with chillingly good benefits in the groovy groove zones. With a funky flair and a friendly creativity that feels very finger-snappingly good this music underlines how important it is to have fun while making music. It makes it also very fun to hear!

This great material feels so nonchalant and so cool without taking it all too serious, creating a really low level entry in which really high grade music is being served up. Material that is much smarter, fuller and more brilliant than you would expect, basically pretending to be just happy-go-lucky-ones, but evidently being created with a groovy heart and a lack of fear to experiment, creating intelligent fun that you would love to play at home but aren’t smart enough for to make yourself…

I mean, you got to be a Elastic Dog to create this. One who is clearly flexible and is easily undercover in all kinds of circles, from jazzy sides to glitchy ones, whistling whistlers and drumming drummers that urinate in bottles; this dog is simply not afraid to screw the rules in musicology and not too intellectual to only grasp the attention of lonely chin strokers; this is fun music for everyone! 

You might clap along, dance a bit, smile happily or simply hang out with these tracks & relax; Elastic Dig got it all worked out for you! A bit of everything for everyone, a great EP to impress all your friends at your upcoming check-out-my-kitchen house party!

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