Galun – Winter (Зима)

Artist: Galun
title: Winter (Зима)
keywords: electronic ambient bass music modern classical techno Moscow

In the ‘winter’ world that Galun had (like a god) created you won’t have snowstorms, ultimate cold, slippery roads and accidents because of them. No in the ‘winter’ by Galun everything is smooth and peaceful, more as if we are just experiencing it in some cozy but large ice palace on top of a magical hill, a place far above any potential trouble & where its surprisingly relaxing and warm.

Maybe we are wearing an ice-bear costume, nicely fluffy and sleepy on a pleasant bed. In this ‘winter’ world of Galun there are no sign of any others, it’s just you and me & the relaxing sounds of Chrystal nothingness. Ideal to lay down to and go for a very long winter sleep… Even though the music is just 25 minutes long, it feels like it will go on for the entire winter month; wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and its suddenly summer again?

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