Dendera Bloodbath – Inanna at the Gates

Artist: Dendera Bloodbath
Title: Inanna at the Gates
Keywords: experimental female artist noise music usaworld Finland
Label: United By Chaos
Artist Website:

At first Dendera Bloodbath squeaks her ultimate power sounds in your ear like it’s a metal chainsaw going in full (but precise) overdrive! It feels like your head had been split in two, leaving it exposed for her other (more reasonable?) sounds-to-come,material that she will spill into your skull like a liquid brutal attack of Experimental origin. It’s all for the sake of science and experiment! How far can Dendera Bloodbath go? And what will drive you over the edge or please your ears tremendously? This artist seems to seek both extremities and wants to apply them both at the same time! Is that a pretentious project? It might be, but listening to her release it seems like this experiment works in full force!

She pours it in and seemingly pokes your brain with a stick at first, making a nice and neat meltpot of whatever that is left of your mind, splashing it into a melange of reasonable music bits that feel organic, rapidly going on a mental edge that is pleasurable, but naughty. It’s that blend that makes things interesting; will there be music or will there be noise… instead this artist is going for a unique middle path!

Dendera Bloodbath fiddles with the mind by triggering melodic bits that feels very free and improvisational, creating a exciting zone in which anything can happen; a mix between beauty and beast, a colorful blend that might just place your brain into the awkward position of confusion; is this music out to drive us insane or is it of the soothing inspiring kind? Is this material that will cherish our ears, or cut them off with a not-so-sharp razor blade? In both cases the artist name seems ultimately fitting!

Dendera Bloodbath is a true star in this kind, having the capability to torture and pleasure our ears at the same time! A banal balance that might strike even the most advanced as something that you won’t hear or experience every day; her music is a extreme form of Yin and Yang on its own! A really good reason to have your head chainsawed open upfront, as this audio experience deserves all the open-mindedness that you could possible get!

But whatever your favorite side is (the Yin or the Yang) Dendera Bloodbath leans more towards taking them and electrifying them both as hard as possible, buzzing them up with a spicy harsh voltage that might possible bring fatality to your ears, brain and other body functions, but she does it in such an exciting ‘musical’ way that you won’t even be bothered that your ears will bleed & your mind had been reduced to a soup.

She seemingly does this all on the spot, making it a spontaneous business that might possibly make you feel as if you are a part of experiment in which you are the test person and Dendera Bloodbath the medieval scientist with an whole array of electric instrument to play with! Sometimes it gives reason for a grimace, at other times it’s hard to swallow; but in general the music knows how to keep itself exactly within the boundaries of pleasantness and unpleasantness, making you feel perhaps a little bit on the edge & yet also neatly contained like a rope walker (in pure concentration!) balancing on that fine line of sanity. I don’t know about you but in case of Dendera Bloodbath I’m pleased to be experimented on! Any other volunteers interested? Please follow the following link and pump up the volume:

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  1. Feminatronic says:

    Reblogged this on Feminatronic and commented:
    I’m a great believer in giving lesser well known artists a bit of a spotlight and many I find via Yeah I Know it Sucks.
    Today’s Discovery, Dendera Bloodbath’s Inanna at the Gates is an experimentation in visceral noise.
    Currently she performs both experimental darkwave sets with autoharp and noise sets with electronics of her own design. For more info, visit:

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