Monkey Warhol – EP5

Artist: Monkey Warhol
Title: EP5
Keywords: electronic dance electro electropunk folktronicaindie rock synth rock synthpop techno Minneapolis

Monkey Warhol is at it again with his latest fun EP with a new kind of music that lays behind (just like his other EP’s) very high quality original artwork! It has enough specialness to steal some of your precious time & when you do so you will feel like you have gone through a session in which you feel like you have had your time well spend… in fact you might have spend it so well that you feel almost in the mood to actually spend money on Monkey Warhol’s EP and shower him with coins and paper; perhaps even slices of pizza! Confetti!

Monkey Warhol had gone (in his own words) “techno” and what that means in real life is that Monkey Warhol had gone Monkey Warhol again! Creating party music about marrying a pizza just to make eatable pizza babies & a kind of killer tune acknowledging that the times that we are living in now are being screwed & that’s it’s probably best (according to the music) to go back in time for a party somewhere in the more sensible nineties!

Monkey Warhol also takes the opportunity to mix piano, chippy blobs, bits and programmed beats in a sensible blender, creating a moment of emotion before asking the eye-brow raising question of “are you ready to die?” while happy cool music hits the right spots that tricks the muscles in to a dancing spasm. Making me think that the real question here is “are you ready to dance?”… and if your answer is ‘yes’ than you might want to proceed to the new cheeky music of Monkey Warhol that you can find at the link below:

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