No One – 11

Artist: No One
Title: 11
Keywords: experimental dark ambient fieldrecordingssoundscapes tapes toys

Ghost hunters and fans of the supernatural might want to open up thrir ears for this one… as here is one release that doesn’t come across as the work of some ordinary lively producer that has been doing its thing, no, this seems to be from a completely different order.
In fact No One would have been able to prepare you for No One’s 11. It’s one of those long living works that will come in softly and slowly streaming forward on a surreal ambient bliss. It’s quite strange; music that is full and laced with smart moments that will take a person off balance by injecting unexpectedness in fluent relaxing forms.

No One could have said how mysterious those effects could have been, how they will create a certain mysteriousness that feels calm, warm and still a bit on the edge… as if in all this seemingly calm kindness there is a certain someone spooking around to keep an eye on it all; a spooky good hearted spirit that flourishes well in this ambiance, flowing around the corners to give you that extra cold air to trigger some shivers generated by feeling the powers of the unknown.

Film music for non films; reality is what it is… making me feel that No One (the creater of this release) is actually a real life ghost, one who produced this album by manifesting itself deeply within it. It does give me the creeps realizing this, but I can also imagine that this is very interesting, especially for fans of the paranormal and anyone addicted to busting ghosts; sometimes things aren’t what they seem to be, but No One might be exactly laying it out so much in your face (that No One isn’t just an artist name, but an actual No One…) that you might just question everything you thought was normal; are you that kid in the sixth sense movie? But instead of seeing dead people, you are actually hearing them? And in this case it isn’t exactly hearing ‘them’ but actually hearing No One’s music that No One’s spirit is intertwined with? I’m open minded, but No One could have prepared myself for this ultimate plot twist!

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