Artist: VØRG
Title: TO-
Keywords: experimental noise drone harsh noise japanoisepower electronics Manchester

You want your day to kick ass? need a boost to stomp through the first day of the week without hurting yourself? Than hype yourself up with the awesome sounding rhythm & noise material from quality ass-kicker named VØRG! No matter the hangover,or the lack of one, the tracks on this artist’s “TO-” album will cure all your anxieties and keeps all your enemies away! It is even rumored that they make time speed up, meaning that with this album on your ears the gruesome Monday (or any other day…) would simply disappear in no time! Just hear it and they shall believe it!

It’s (to me) a bit like the promised prophet returning back to my ears, saving the day like a true hero! With pleasant noises that are bombastic or chilled it’s more efficient and pleasurable then that it would be if you would have hired the A-Team to do the ass kicking for you!

 Seriously, rhythm and noise is the fanatic way to get you through any situation, play this on your head and you feel strength and power; as if you are loaded with loaded guns ready to tell your colleagues or bosses (or anyone else on your ‘screw you’ list) to go and F off!

Yep, ladies and gentlemen this release will be there for you! A full battery for your personal use and abuse, a rechargeable source of material that you can feel boiling up your bloodstream as you play it! It’s the best anti-depressant that anyone could possibly come up with, the stuff that your mother wants you to hear just do you spice yourself up and feel empowered enough to not take shit from anybody!

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