Eddie X Murphy & Harsh Noise Movement

Artists: Eddie X Murphy & Harsh Noise Movement
Title: Split
Keywords: experimental harsh noise harsh noise wallharshnoise wall hnw noise United Kingdom
Reviewer: Simon Hit

When stars align and two become one, you might want to crawl out of your binoculars into your space ship to take a closer look! It’s similar when Eddy X Murphy and Harsh Noise Movement join their harsh powers on a fanatic sounding split of togetherness. For me it started with the soothing side of Eddy X Murphy; farting out one lengthy one in which a beautiful French conversation plays out, ending with some fine gunshots that triggers the Murphy to change gear in his sound show.

A more German sounding devilish voice will fill the void before the sound of devilish urination squirts shortly in your face… you don’t even know what has happened as Eddie X Murphy takes it away just as quick as that it came , healing your wounds and licking you dry with frequent blasts of a all-drying-&-frying-noise! More gunshots are thrown around, with bits of intensive middle pauses in which you shall await the traditional noisecore vocals that wishes you simply nothing but the best (does Eddie X Murphy say the fanatic words: Die, Die, Die?!) in any case, listening to Eddie X Murphy is no laughing matter, but imagining someone like Eddie Murphy listening to Eddie X Murphy certainly is! I could just imagine Eddie’s famous laugh as he heard his twin brother’s music career in full force!

If he would be a bit confused about the play style it would be pretty reassuring that ‘this’ Harsh noise scene is indeed an actual thing thanks to him being teamed up with the super prolific producer and label owner Harsh Noise Movement. The track that he has provided over here has the classy title of ‘vaginal discharge’ and features no french conversations, gunshots or devilish sounding vocals; it does however rams itself through your ears like a unforgiving hot sauce that someone squeezed down your throat without a single sign of mercy.

It’s a pretty harsh thing to do & it’s pretty painstakingly long, but because of that you will get used to it, creating a harsh wall in which you can sit and hallucinate, one in which you can let yourself go and just ‘be’. It’s almost spiritual, if you know what I mean… close your eyes and treat it as if it’s the latest technology applied to New Age music; giving away plenty of space to blast away your sins and sink away in for a blast of ‘no thoughts’ at all. In any case ‘discharge’ like this sounds worse on paper than it actually is! Oh, do I hear Eddie laugh again? Good on you, Eddie… good on you! https://harshnoisemovement.bandcamp.com/album/split-25

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