Keywords: experimental loud Wichita

ENDLESS CHASM takes us willing listeners down through the white lodge and the black one. It’s a tour you probably always (deep down in your explorer’s heart) had wanted to go for, and considering that it was one on my priority hot list of things to do before I die, it might be said that this tour didn’t disappoint. First ENDLESS CHASM took me for a dwelling session through the white lodge, one in which it felt as if protectors of spiritual kinds had occupied the walls, waving their thin shine-through robes all over the walls like happy go lucky spooks that had still the energy that young children are famous for. The lodge itself was atmospherically lid with sounds and snippets of music that sounded more playful than expected, creating a strange feeling of hypnotic joy that felt like a melting mix of techno & humming monks that had haunted a bunch of vacuum cleaners. Yes, it was bizarre, but it was also bright and beautiful. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on it!

When ENDLESS CHASM took me down to the black lodge I had expected something darker, but instead it was even more beautiful than the white one. Things became organic in this environment, music flew backwards and gravity was reluctant to make a presence over here; creating a spacious place in which you could actually fly if you had wanted to do that. I just wandered around behind ENDLESS CHASM as my trustworthy guide and enjoyed the firm amount of surreal beauty that had been secretly hidden away in this lodge!

If there was a place in which fairies and mythical creatures would be having secret meetings; this must be the place for them to meet up. It was the place in which everyday normality hadn’t had stepped a foot inside & all you could hear was magic that attached itself straight to the third eye for further explanation and clarifications. I would never be able to tell you exactly what I witnessed or saw in concrete form in these two lodges (you cant talk about these secret places) but for sure will pull a very important link out of my secret handshake. Follow it and let ENDLESS CHASM lead you into surreal beauty that had always been hidden away for the average Joe and Barbara like us… Beautiful!

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