Hope Burn – digilove // analog

Artist: Hope Burn
Title: digilove // analog
Keywords: edm electronic idm ambient ambient electronicdowntempo electronica experimental electronic harpnovation psybient synthwave vocoder weird Poland

You probably can’t see me, but I’m making heart shapes with my hands. I place them on my chest on the side where my heart suppose to be (is it a conspiracy or not?) and wave them to you Hope Burn… why? Oh gosh why not? This digilove // analog thing that you have created is so lovable and sweet that it’s a bit like a lovely love potion for anyone into this kind of music; who can resist?

If you aren’t Hope Burn and are reading this; beware! If you are into this kind of analog digilove music you might find yourself in a very similar position if you dared to click on the link and played this EP! Oh yes, you too would make heart signs with your hands towards Hope Burn, in the hope of course that Hope Burn will see it, or at least feel them physically someway.

And if you are a bit of a tough one to crack with just music… wait till you hear Hope Burn sing; oh my gosh! You will be leaving the heart signs and go straight away over to write heartfelt love letters to Hope Burn! You might even want to place yourself in lovely paper wrap and send yourself in to wherever Hope Burn is located, giving yourself like a true follower of love toward the one that made this love potion of music! Yes, you; Hope Burn!

Your music will make many hearts pound in exciting fashion, will awaken the butterflies to fly in the tummies of listeners & create them all in love-sick followers that can’t get enough of you Hope Burn…
We love you, but it’s all you and your music’s fault! Here are some more heartfelt heart signs! Oh and for the unaffected friends that need some analog love in their lives, here you go;


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2 Responses to Hope Burn – digilove // analog

  1. linda says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

  2. cacavariable says:

    I’m very glad you like it. I had a lot of fun while working on this project (and there are more to come!)
    ~Hope Burn

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