Hide: House-eey – eleventh memories

Artist: Hide: House-eey
title: eleventh memories
keywords: electronic fretless bass downtempo and chill instrumental retro electro Japan

Chilling out in the memories of early funky game assemblies… gosh, I don’t even remember how they called them back in the good old days… might it be the eighties? The great days that slap bass and concrete pleasurable sounding music had been ruling the underground, while cold shit music had waltzed its way into the hit charts. Obviously we have been hanging out with the cool guys, avoiding all that “The Cure” and “Soft Cell” material and enjoyed the more pleasant sides of bedroom music makers that had nothing less than the funk within their hearts, hands and fingertips!

I don’t know about you and on what side of history you had been (maybe you weren’t even born, who knows!) but I know it’s good to have the good music memories dug up by listening to the album by Hide: House-eey. The artist might have a bit of a silly name, but don’t let that be the reason why you wouldn’t ake this producer’s material serious; this person deserves a medal for simply bringing these old school memorable times back with the creation of brand new music that sounds utterly authentic!

I like how the artist introduces itself, so let me copy paste it for you and mine sharing purposes:

“it sounds like a retro electro, ambient, chillout, downbeat and a bit of oldskool. But it’s no matter what it is. That’s my music concept. You’ll listen to the sweet fretless bass guitar. Close your eyes and feel something..”

I guess that’s the perfect case of a musician with the right attitude. Who cares if you like it, if its in your sound approved top notch studio quality or that it’s your cup of tea or not; it is what it is, so deal with it (or not!). But not to blow this producer’s own horn, but for what it is worth; I think this music is pretty much “music”, probably better made musically than all these nah-sayers and hipster rich kids that masturbate on the latest ‘whats-new-genres”… Seriously “Hide: House-eey’s music might sight light-hearted and probably forgettable (as it easily fades away into the background..) but it is really well made material that brings out lots of good memories from the good old times! I think it’s pretty damn sweet!

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