Martina Vivaldi – utero

Artist: Martina Vivaldi
title: utero
keywords: devotional experimental noise singer-songwriter soloist voice Santa Maria A Monte

Sinking in the ‘utero’ of Martina Vivaldi is like a soft fall in which there is no top or bottom; one in which we gracefully flow in silent movement among caring cares of coziness. Martina Vivaldi simply sings us to safety, with wordless caring words that counter the effects of gravity, with shamanic material that made me feel very safe and pleasantly bewildered in surroundings that sound very loved and cared for.

Here we tumble, in soothed shape and form on the devotional vocal arts: Ones that loop around the ears like warm blankets (soft as goose feathers) that are wrapped nicely around you. It’s a humbling and homely sensation, as if we had been placed in a loving mother’s womb & are now experiencing the safest environment ever. In this safe place Martina Vivaldi brings out strong vocal expressions that shine through for our own empowerment, sounding as sources of wisdom and strength, energies to make us feel prepared for the big world out there… But for now there is no worry, this is the trip before the other one will start!

Here we float around, tripping our heads out with the sounds that ‘utero’ provides… It’s perfect for meditational benefits, pure and honest sounding devotional material that will take you back to the roots of mother earth, one who loves you endlessly and energizes you at the same time. Take some time for yourself, take a deep sip of oxygen & breathe in and out in a stable way… and click the following link:

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