experiMENTALien meets Bobé Van Jézu – PsychoActive MessAge

Artist: experiMENTALien meets Bobé Van Jézu
title: PsychoActive MessAge
keywords: ars sonor belgium bobé van jézu cgr completely gone recordings dave fuglewicz experimental i.v. martinez jack hertz noise slovakia twilight transmissions experimentalien California

Channeling a PsychoActive MessAge is not a problem when the likes of experiMENTALien joins forces with Bobé Van Jézu. What the message is might be a harder task for a person to decipher as there seem to be so much more messages inside such a PsychoActive MessAge.

In fact it’s more like a trippy vision that last forever and will take you to all kinds of mysterious places, ones that are far removed from everyday society and others will have hints of normal day, but will bring it in such a way that even them have proportionately weirdness written all over it. Think of a windows bleep in the middle of alienating space surroundings, rimboo jungles deeply explored under untidy bedsheets, radio frequencies that sound like they had been tempered with…

It’s a gigantic tour in a undefinable trip world in which it will be very unlikely to feel at home, unless you are (like perhaps many of us) a closeted alien that had been stuck here on earth for a bit too much… Perhaps that’s this whole message about, it’s the two of them (experiMENTALien & Bobé Van Jézu) who are sending this out in order to inform their respectable home planet (not earth – the ‘other’ one) about what their eyes and ears have seen and perhaps also what the future will bring here…

a slight distress call perhaps, as sometimes in the psychological audio soup panic can be heard or felt, frustrations and slight panic… but then again, on the other side there is also this comforting theme that no matter what happens, how many conversations and modem clashing sounds are included; there is also a shamanic peace into this PsychoActive MessAge.

A realm of being shackled with anxiety, the presence of angelic shine-through robes, happy go lucky birds and bugs, third-eye-connections and calm understandings of universal workings, wizardry and new wave religions… I don’t know, it’s a lot to take in and cover… So whoever it is that is receiving this message, let’s hope that it will all become clear and prosper. If not; you always have a complex  adventure to explore!

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One Response to experiMENTALien meets Bobé Van Jézu – PsychoActive MessAge

  1. what a wonderful review my alien brother ❤

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