Guillermo Pizarro – Harmonic Poems

Artist: Guillermo Pizarro
Title: Harmonic Poems
Keywords: experimental avant-garde dark ambient drone field recordings harsh noise industrial noise spoken wordsunn sunn o))) texture Green Lane

Guillermo Pizarro and his harmonic poems have a really big chance to sound unlike anything that you would expected them to sound like. Even me, the professional music reviewer, was surprised by them. The random cat that had walked in to hear what I was playing was in any case pleased what she heard; a blend of experimental atmospheric backdrop noises along with the artist’s sexy manly voice providing those promised poems.

It was the way how they had been presented, how the end product laid itself out and sounded into my ears… it was different in a refreshingly intense way. Guillermo Pizarro did not only come across like an artist that sounded pretty in the dark romantic zones of poetry, he impressively managed to make the backdrop of noises to sound romantic too! And that, fine people, is something you need to be a very talented sound magician for! I mean… noise? What’s romantic of noise? It can be really sexy, raw, soothing… but romantic? It wouldn’t come to my mind so easily when thinking about it, so I’ll think it’s fair to give the poetic sound artist Guillermo Pizarro some deserved credit for this! Bravo!

Still don’t wet your panties just yet, as the album ‘harmonic poems’ seem to be not officially released yet. But if you browse to the link at the sexy bottom of this review you could find the album for pre-order + some amazingly romantic tracks for you to stream and try out! Let me tell you, it’s not hard to get hard (if you have the right genitals to do such a thing…) while hearing such intense music as these. The noises really know how to suck you into special intimate scenes & don’t be all op surprised if you’d suddenly notice a (always) romantic violin popping among the mysterious soundscape. It feels completely in place, like one fiddler next to a table at a romantic dinner for two… there is really something to these tracks on this album.

I don’t know how to say it, but Guillermo Pizarro even manages to make the more harsher noises sound romantically Devine. It’s really an state of the art that you won’t come across that easily, especially not in the ‘we are hardcore to the bone, all ears should die’ noise scene… but Guillermo Pizarro does it & does it so beautifully! Romantic noises that you and your loved one could use as a fine backdrop for those lovable intimate nights in which hopefully some hanky panky might happen… the only thing I would have liked was more of Guillermo’s immersive voice to appear; but hey, I guess this is an artist that doesn’t want to distract you from your lovely attempt of pure dark romance.

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