Nick Morgan – What Could Go Wrong?

Artist: Nick Morgan
Title: What Could Go Wrong?
Keywords: alternative canadian music canadian rockcanadiana folk garage rock rock alternativerock garage rock garagerock progressive unsigned artist Nelson

Do you (if you are a loyal follower) remember the guitar noise that wasn’t really guitar noise by a certain Nick Morgan? Well, guess what, Nick Morgan is back and “What could go wrong’? Indeed everything could go wrong! And if you had been expecting noise music again (for some reason) this album is pretty much not what you had been looking for; all wrong for noise lovers! But in case you would like Nick Morgan to sing ‘hey where is the soap?’ Then it has to be said that you are very much at the right location!

Somehow the ‘hey where is the soap’ song that greets us at the beginning of the album had made me think of prison shower times… someone drops the soap, someone asks where the soap is, a unlucky person sees the soap, bends over and ultimately receives a pounding between the buttocks…but Nick Morgan sings the song so bright and gay that this doesn’t feel at all like a bad experience…

Even funnier is that it completely makes sense with the tune that follows up. A song in which he sings that he wants to be your man… I mean, it still fits the prison shower scene, doesn’t it? In any case, Nick Morgan drops the world ‘girl’ just in case there are any misunderstandings… but let there be no misunderstanding that the singing songwriter named nick Morgan has it’s all under control, doesn’t just fiddle acoustically on his guitar but brings you proper songs. Probably recorded in the wee hours of the night, specially to get that little magic in there… (urine in the mix is always a good lubricant!)

But yes, Nick Morgan is on a roll here, slowly rolling it’s works down the hill… hopefully with your ears awaiting at the bottom to scrape it all up. Why not, what the hell could go wrong? If you dig it you will enjoy it, if you loathe it you’ll just roll over and let them fall into someone else their ears… it’s all about those music tastes… And tastes in general! One loves to hide the soap and others do love to find it; it’s the way of life!

The compact songs of Nick are at least stabbing with his passion, in the “diminishtry” song for example he seem to have grabbed my throat and choked it a little… it’s as to say that the music and songwriting skills by Nick aren’t backdrop material, even though some come across pretty chilled, they might stand on your toe to get the right attention that they seemingly deserve. And yes, why not? Nick seems to be an honest individual, making, creating and performing his music with his heart & sometimes s bit more with other parts of his body; but in general he does his best… That being said, to me it had been his acoustic works that had left his vocals and lyrical skills far away & out of business that had captured me the most in this pleasurable way…

it seems to me that with those works like ‘sleepless sonata’ and ‘april’ he really got that emotional serious key to my heart, firmly inserted the key in my  lock and turned it around to open and set it free… I don’t know, Nick has something… something that says ‘integrity’ to me… I have no idea if that is his goal or has anything to do with reality, but hell (again!) I said it and there you go… live with it, like it or hate it, or something in the middle… but do find it at the following link… give it a try as what can go wrong?

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One Response to Nick Morgan – What Could Go Wrong?

  1. Nick Morgan says:

    Great review! Thought it was hilarious.

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