Ryan Huber – Suburban Peril

Artist: Ryan Huber
Title: Suburban Peril
Keywords: electronic drone field recording minimal Dartmouth

Dark and dirty, like a predator roaming a screwed wasteland in search for yummy victims to vandalize, squash and destroy; this music comes in like a threatening threat to a future society that had already been doomed. With a determent rhythm the pulse of killer ambience stamps through, showing no mercy to whatever lays ahead or had been left behind. It’s the music for tripped out meth head zombies that had kept on raving and never had realized that the world as they had known it had already ended.

Stomping material that is softly whispering in the ears, like a wet crunchy tongue licking you in rhythmic fashion, sliming your inner-parts with the unmistakable sound of doom and decay, words of brain damage and atmospheres that seem to channel the days in which the sun had long killed itself. Eternal raving in a world of complete darkness in which life had ceased to exist might sound horrible on paper, but music wise it sounds pretty much like a good way of enjoying the future!

Raving along while going on without water or food for days on end, crunching your jaws and eating other left over ravers along the way, it is sounding like a Hollywood movie in which only the most mentally deranged zombie would survive. But if you realize that you are this particular zombie while listening to this soundtrack of this particular non existing movie the feeling of ascending power really might kick in! In fact, you might feel the soft bass kick in your bones, the rhythmic energy flowing through your bony veins, keeping you alive like one of the few immortal ones that are able to survive radiation among other earthy disasters that had left others for dead. That dealer of yours must have supplied you with some very strong drugs!

Even the what used to be a complete war zone could not effect your pace, although it does bring back the fluid in your spaced out brain, slightly making you feel human again… what had happened here and why did humanity do such a thing to itself & all nature around it? Now all is destroyed & even the mood for partying had been replaced with the feelings of loss and sympathy. Damn, intensive listening and exploring “Suburban Peril” with immersive imagination really sets to think… a true psychological trip covering all that a intelligent future movie should have, yet I’m sure will not have… so it’s best to plug your mind in, close your eyes and fantasize your way through this intensive album. Don’t get shot by the crossfire of a soldier who doesn’t realize that everyone had long been dead, but other than that it’s clear to say that this cinematic techno ambient adventure is a safe wasteland for us to explore and experience! Pretty much one of my favorite releases I’ve heard over here!

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