Kevin Thunder – Craft Work

Artist: Kevin Thunder
Title: Craft Work
Keywords: pop outsider music United Kingdom

Kevin Thunder brings you his album that could be your best possible energetic friend that you ever had. Being in this man’s music zone will have many benefits! You don’t need to do anything but listen to this man’s album and your biceps will immediately look great. Your buttocks will be instantly fit and firm, chest will look amazing and your face; fabulous! I don’t know how he does this, but it must be the ‘craft’ inside his poppy music. Or just that feeling of not getting enough and automatic dancing… burn that fat, baby!

However Kevin’s music will make you feel and look good, Thunder’s music will not turn you into the handsome dancing personality as Kevin Thunder himself! It’s all look and don’t touch for you, so be amazed by this man’s funky grooves and moves but don’t even try to dance like this man, as there is only one Kevin Thunder; and it won’t be you! That’s why you better befriend him and his music, hang out with his album and spread the vibes… you know it will feel right! You will always be in his shadow, but even his shadow is awesome!

But in all honesty Kevin Thunder is not just a friend for a casual friendship, it’s more for one with benefits. To hold hands with, go to the cinema together or simply play and invite him deep inside of you… a sensational friendship, for sure! But don’t take it too quick, take your time to let the personal music of this pop artist slowly in as not to be shocked by this epic persona and it’s all round ways of artist’s pleasures.

I mean you don’t want to look ‘to good’ next to this handsome persona (that would be rude!) & besides being instantly within the aura of the ultimate friend might be a bit overwhelming when diving into it in a big cold dive! It’s great though, this Kevin Thunder… there are very few personas out there that can make you feel and look good without overdoing their characters and throwing too much love into their songs… and Kevin is simply the one you want to hear when walking or exercising alone, keeping you companionship and him being someone to look up too! If it exist, Kevin Thunder might be perfect in all friendly friend ways, even though he is more handsome, talented and skilled then you’ll ever be… a perfect person to be associated with if you’d ask me. But as I’m insane, I’m pretty sure nobody asks me anyway… ah, but here is a link to ‘Craft Work’ by Kevin Thunder, you might dig it, find some health benefits within it… who knows what’s your personal reason to click the following fabulous looking link:

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