Dendera Bloodbath – 2017 Money Luck Grimoire

Artist: Dendera Bloodbath
Title: 2017 Money Luck Grimoire
Keywords: experimental autoharp chamber pop darkwaveexperimental electronic gothic Atlanta

The following words are written by me as a personal experience while listening to Money Luck Grimoire by Dendera Bloodbath. They might not be the same experience when you, yourself, dig into it, but that’s the beauty of experimental music. It’s material that awaits you as the test person & needs to experiment with you as the listener. Like a modern day Frankenstein and you are the monster… if that makes sense… anyway, here is my experience:

With a deep moving rhythm bathed in a thick bath of distortion Dendera Bloodbath brings out her expressions about Fortune & fame. When Dendera opens up her mouth and tries to defeat the sound of the slow rolling hypnotic rollercoaster sound she sounds like someone who seems to express the unfortunate side of it, doing a seemingly a wordless pop tune while trapped in the immersive bombastic entrapment of show business. It is as Dendera Bloodbath is trying to express that ‘Money and fame’ comes with a prize and isn’t all about chocolate cookies with honey… yep, stuff to think about before anyone starting to  glamorize the whole ordeal!

With ‘Gold & Silver’ Dendera Bloodbath seem to capture both beasts by holding them tightly at their own horns, directing them to speak their own sides of the story, growling and complaining that they both want to be number one in the Devil’s book of instruments of worship. One is a deep low one, crunching hatefully in the lower parts of the ears & the other soulfully nags as a replying node for attention; it’s hard to choose who to adore and love the most;who to feel sorry for?… but as their captivator Dendera Bloodbath holds them tightly at their own game, she seems to be able to sort out their differences by playing them a soothing mellow melody that is satisfying to both of them.

Next on this intense EP is ‘Lucre’ which comes across as a marching girl’s army with singing demons up front. They sing soulfully and determent, as if they had been awakened from the dead and are now on a mission to recruit others to take their places in their coffins. It becomes more and more intense half way, as if they indeed found their preys and are busy conversing in wobbly sword actions, ready to romantically slay and defeat anyone that had been stepping in front of their way! It’s a bit like a movie, really!

While tripping out on Dendera Bloodbath’s ‘Cave of Treasure’ I felt absolute warmth but as given by an unlikely source. It made me feel as if a big dragon inside a giant cave had wrapped its tail around me for a cozy snuggle, keeping me warm but also pretty much refrained from movement. One little squeeze and a hug too much and my neck broke… also (perhaps not unsurprisingly!) the music had stopped instantly!

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