Artist: (G) I R L
Keywords: electronic esoterica experimental punk digitalelectro glitch glitchy industrial noise soundtrack tapeUnited Kingdom
reviewer: word inventor

This release comes with three tracks and a bunch of others. It first starts with a track named ‘SHADE’ and I feel a bit shady to find real words for it. I’m definitely not the recent American president and so do not have all the best words in my hands, mouth or dictionary… so let’s make some up: grgjf frtgef hyuihf adefgh rutjyyg. That might be short for a reviewer’s description of a certain tune, but if you know how much time went into making these words up from scratch you bet you understand that these made up words are saying much more than a written book about it of at least 187 pages long could do…

Moving on… the next track; SHAVE. This one is more describable as it’s pretty much evolving around a big banging (and rolling!) groove of a beat & swirling coolness that loops itself in its minimalism. I don’t really have any real reaction towards it, other than that it made me feel a bit like being on a boat made out of leftovers from prodigy’s fire-starter. I don’t know, maybe I need to give it some newly invented words to make it a bit more clearer opinion’s wise: vijfjgf othbdt ljfdjv gvxrubgf ohfghhj. Yep, took me at least a couple of hours to invent these relevant (previously non-existed) words up, so that’s pretty much worth raising a happy flag for!

Next up was SHAME which was also pretty big in the beat delivery; slow but efficient. But it also brought something more to the mix, a melodramatic synthetic melody and a more nastier gnarling bass-thing that was sawing its way around… yep, I don’t think I have words for it, but let me, once again, donate some some completely new invented ones; jjvkjhid figubfkgh dfdsg jffhb ohggj thgjjkk! There you go, complete uniqueness word-wise for each of these main tracks! Isn’t it amazing?

Next up was a Voodoo Butter Mix of something named HEAVE. I don’t know about what your ears and mind might think of it, but my ones thought it was pretty swingy! Material that with its fanatic lively sounding rolling drums and orgasmic tones could easily connect with Stoney Maloneys and other spaced out trip characters that would love to combine their brain melting vices with music of a certain funkiness. Just for the sake of it I should give it some newly invented words, although it isn’t really needed in this case; it’s a good entertaining part of this review so here we go: frescv hynfd knigggh wxdggfg juhnygh dhfkgkgn. Yes, beautiful indeed!

UNDER KONSTRUCTION remix of SHAVE is next & just like SHAVE itself it sounds pretty massive in the great department. With hard kicking bass kicks and dark minimalism that navigates the whole thing through the darker side of the dance floor. I should (for continuation sake) give this one also some new invented words of critical words and praise so here they are; ufhrjd fjfjkk deegxy kkbiifh ftegcjijh. Aren’t they beautiful?

What followed was SHAVE (Gregg Goodales sketch 3) which was more laid back, with a seemingly 8bit twist in the rhythm and a good focus on the science of listenable ambience. The material becomes deeper and more trippy, worth to fall in if you had been waiting for a track that would match a pleasant psychoactive experience.. for good times sake I invented some non existing words for it, hope you will like them; wgcehv jbinfgb wdvujnktg khkggb fhnpjftj ghftjbdr. (Studying languages really paid off as you can see…)

On track position number 7 there is the lengthy piece named “Megatron ‘accidentally’ put his cock in my toaster, but they both seemed to quite enjoy it, so I put another fiver in the meter and let them crack-on (Daz Disley)”. One work that is pretty much top-notch, manic in the massive menacing vibes of psychopathic dance movement. This is really dark and insane making, but done in such a cool way that it pushes the limits and made me feel like (it’s sometimes good to be villain style -bad!) I really should give this one done self invented words of approval but I feel to evil to make some up; you do it yourself if you want.. I’m too busy being inspired to do evil things, sorry…

Last up is the SHAVE (Gregg Goodales Modular Mix), one that skips the whole beat part and instead serves us a audio soup that blows around like a windy wind that erupts in audio waves. It’s a neat and classy way to end this release, but to end this review I think it just needs some more newly invented words telling you to check it all out; gjvfjj koyjyh ddegxijg hkfrivsyj hfyjffjj. Here is a link: https://girlpresents.bandcamp.com/album/shade-shave-shame

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