Maiqqu – !!!

Artist: Maiqqu
Title: !!!
Keywords: pettro rec, spettro records, palermo, 8 bit, retro, vintage retro sounds, gameboy, gameboy music, chiptune, chiptune music, dj, 8 bit producer, nintendo, maiqqu, less

Screw it all!!! Forget about joining the army or hiding away in your bomb shelters & bring back those beloved chip sounds to bang your heads against!!! Throw in some irresistible riffs to go absolutely mental with and start a bleep blop dance party!!! If you need that to happen, look no further as Maiqqu is her to bring you !!! !!!

Feet might be tripping already from excitement and joy, who doesn’t love those beloved chiptune sounds done in energetic ways?!?!?! Even the saddest boring day can become suddenly a raving mad one!!! Glitter ponies in the sky, pixel rabbits on the floor; that’s what you need and clearly had been looking for!!!

Concrete gametunes that bring back the good old raving days in which beats and repetitive happy melodies had been of equal importance!!! Feel them in your toes moving up all the way to the highest parts of the hairs on your head!!! (If you happen to be bald; sorry!!!) This is a madness most deserved, rocking out those retrotastic fun tunes like a unicorn on the way to the gallows!!! Rave like it is your last day on earth!!!

And yes, this EP might be inspired by violent and furious war environments, it’s the energy that flies around like no other!!! A full on action extravaganza that might leave victims down on the dance floor & others acting out as raving mad paramedics!!! If the world has to end by human stupidity and their wars, its best to dig this stuff and go berserk dancing than dying on some nonsensical battlefield!!! These killer tunes won’t make you feel less, I promise!!!

I don’t see any reason to not tune in, put the vile volume up and feel these tunes in all your bones and with all your meat!!! These crafty pieces will get you out of your misery, fill you up with the right machine gun powers to kill your day in a very good way!!! Slaying silence with 8 bit awesomeness!!! In any case the title of this EP says all that you needed to know!!! !!! = !!! Get it for free over at the following link:

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