No-Joy – Banana

Artist: No-Joy
Title: Banana
Keywords: experimental hentainw harshnoise hentai dronenoise power electronics Prato

When you think of a regular banana you probably had something else in mind than a session of harsh noise with hentai artifacts, but No-Joy managed to break the rules by delivering exactly that! Yep, you had read it well; Harsh. Life with hentai! The joy that No-Joy gives with this kind of ‘Banana’ is that it’s not for eating, but probably for hearing.

It might be strange to hear a banana but hey, the world had already probably gone insane & the boundaries are pretty much as broken as they could be. Maybe hearing this banana might actually break the day & give it another direction, I mean this is no stable session in which you could meditate, but more one of action, a sound show that is a bit dirty and crunchy, one that growls more like a motorcycle with a rusty engine than a ripe banana inside a illustrious banana peel.

I seriously don’t know what else to say and in many cultures they will say that when that occurs it’s better to say nothing, than anything stupid. But as all is already doomed and even bananas are sounding harsh I might as well ramble on some more… bananas, they are such an ideal fruit, full of protein and lots of benefits, got to love the phallus shaped design and the way how you could peel it… … … yep, no, I really should knit an end to this write up, provide you the link to this audio banana and wish you all the best:

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