Enbilulugugal – Nunfucking Nuklear Diskography 2000 – 2017

Artist: Enbilulugugal
Title: Nunfucking Nuklear Diskography 2000 – 2017
Keywords: black metal black noise blackened grindblackened noise blacknoise experimental grindcoregrindnoise harsh noise noise noisecore noisegrind raw black metal true samoan black noise United States
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Cucumber, chili, sugar, vinegar. Coconut milk… sorry I was just simply rambling while losing my mind over this ground breaking fact: this release has 260 tracks!?! Holy smokes, that’s something! In all honesty this must have been a life’s work, but most truthfully I would be completely nuts to offer my entire life into reviewing each of these tracks on this album. It would turn into a battle of “who is the most insane?” The creator of all these works or me, as a dedicated listener, who is willingly going insane by possibly writing a novel about all of them? Nah, I give the artist the golden medal of insanity as I bow down to the master with my precious left-over sanity; we have a true winner over here!

But hey, it’s understandable… as this release is seemingly a complete discography! So yes, of course it’s going to be lengthy & indeed you need to be a ultimate die-hard fan to take it all in and be proudly happy about it! I don’t think I can make it till the end although I did (well, well, bravo, bravo!) manage to play these tracks until I felt slightly the urge of becoming mentally ill and jump out of the closest window. Lucky for all of us, the window was based on the ground floor and I had landed softly in a rose garden, but still these thorns cutting my eyeballs weren’t all that pleasurable…

When I had crawled back inside I had a brilliant idea! Inviting a bunch of elderly senile people into the special listening room & provided them with some sherry and nibbles and play this album loudly to them as they enjoyed their time together. I observed them from a secret see-through window from the other room & had a excellent time to see and witness their reactions. The deafest ones did seem to think that there was something wrong with their hearing aid, others just sat there drank their sherry and nibbled their nibbles and a few had been heavily reacting to the sounds, bouncing their heads against the two sided mirror until blood came out, even attacking the others by throwing chairs on their heads or jumping on the table as if they had regained energy of some kind of demonic super power.

The look in the eyes of those ones couldn’t be more scary; it was clearly as if they had been possessed by the devil! It didn’t take all too long to see the more relaxed elderly being tormented by the ones that clearly had been going evilly berserk. It was quite frightening to see the viscous attacks these elders could execute towards each other & let me tell you the bloodstains that had to be cleaned from the room when the session was over was not a small job at all… it was a real bloody mess!

I had planned to do the same experiment with some youngsters; placing them in the listening room with lemonade and biscuits while blasting this discography toward them… but as this material had already such a devastating effect on the low-energy elders I could just imagine that it wouldn’t be a great idea. I could watch old people becoming violent, but youngsters kicking each others heads in or biting ears off is a bit too much. But if you are young (or old) and are open for experiment at your own risk; please don’t hesitate to attempt to blast this gigantic discography into your ears and see what effects it will have on you… powerful dangerous deafening stuff! Possibly deadly! 

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