Knarsetand – Fuckup

Artist: Knarsetand
title: Fuckup
keywords: Garagepunk/Breakbeat

Hey! Hey you! What would you do when you are beaten up violently by a bunch of cowards? Will you go cover up your bruises with a bunch of makeup, run to your mother and cry, or are you one of those positive people who actually turn the results of the unfortunate incident into something that works for you creatively?

I don’t know if you had ever been beaten up, but there is something to it… endorphins might come out of their comfort zones and you might actually (I know this might sound unlikely for anyone lucky enough not to have gone through such an ordeal) make the victim feel very, very, very high!

Oh my gosh, I’m sorry but I feel it’s story time… I’ve got to tell you this one, although vaguely, as it is so fitting…. What was it? Oh yeah! Once I was beaten up on the same day I had placed this lip piercing in my mouth. I remember laying on the ground and a pair of feet aiming and hitting my face; it was tough but it was all part of a drunk hero thing in which I believe to have prevented these blind footballers (they must have thought my head was a ball!) from groping and raping someone… So in a way it was worth the beating, especially because the next day I would go with beaten-to-pulp-face in my stolen mc donalds uniform (it was an inside job!) to the ‘burger king’ to beg them for a job as… well.. Ronald mc Donald (as they could see) was not treating its employees so well… so yes that was fun!

In a way this story came up as even though it wasn’t very beneficial creativity-wise, it did made the whole black and blue eyes and big bloody lips into something positive. Also this music video by Knarsetand seems to be connected with it. Here we find Martijn Holtslag, not wearing a stolen mc donalds uniform, but also with a bruised face! This young man had also been the victim of unprovoked violence done by a bunch of (obvious) assholes, but he took it up to good use by dubbing these attackers as his make-up artists and used his facial state to quickly jump into a dirty bath somewhere in a field and started to lip-sync his ‘FUCKUP’ song!

All (luckily!) recorded with a video camera, (one of a presumable high quality!) and the result is stunningly intense and painfully heartfelt! In his own special way he beats the source for his black eye a visual beating, as even though Martijn sings that he is a fuck up, I’m pretty sure anyone (including the attackers) would have loved to be him in this video! Laced with fierce beats, synth nastiness and raw guitar: This song is a tune, a theme for all who feel this way and in its own way it kicks amazing ass!

support this fuckup by getting it over at the following link:

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