eldritch Priest – Fly Agaric

Artist: eldritch Priest
Title: Fly Agaric
Keywords: experimental free jazz psychedelic weirdVancouver

The dead flowers on the wallpaper are moving, seemingly alive they greeted me after munching down the hallucinogenic Fly Agaric delivered so kindly by eldritch Priest. They waved gracefully as to say come on over and be with us on the wall, hang out and drink tea with them, sit on a leaf or a sad looking rose petal.

I could feel the music kicking in, although it did so in a gradual way, making even the absurdity of accepting the invitation of the flowers and the act of actually going inside the wallpaper into a normal thing to do. There I sat with the dead images of lively flowers, sipping tea from imaginary cups looking at the place where I once sat staring at the wallpaper; there I could see myself staring back at me. I waved and told myself to come over and join me and the flowers on the wallpaper for a cup of tea. I also whispered as not to disturb the music that had been going on, music that had triggered the whole psychological weirdness that had quickly became so normal.

I gave myself a hand, sat him down on another rose petal and cheered the imaginary tea cups again like a true magical picnic among good friends. With a little pinky up in the air among the dead but lovely depictions of the flowers the hallucinations really started to go next level. I saw another copy of myself again, staring at me and myself and the tea drinking flower friends. We invited him over and now there were three me’s sitting and tripping balls while being in the wallpaper… thinking of it now makes me feel insane, but at that moment in time it was just a thing that was not outrageously nuts.

It was a process that didn’t stop, a continuous one in which more and more me’s had been spotted who stared at the unlikely tea drinking scene, inviting them all over to join us within the wallpaper and yet again stare at ourself again who looked at the now busy scene of many myselfs among the same amount of wallpaper flowers. Trust me, the situation was intense but we had a good time. A psychedelic magic mushroom experience without the bad taste & the companionship of pleasant guitar quartet music to hang out with…

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