saneLIV – peninsula

Artist: saneLIV
Title: peninsula
Keywords: experimental broken machine films drone editelectronic experimental florida illuminated paths livenoise pop porn sample saneliv vaporwave Florida

Down in the peninsula, dangling with your external body parts to the short pieces of spread out vapors of music bits. It’s a bit like being on a vacation spot in which you have never been before, yet do feel reasonable at home with. Bits of culture, things that you might know, or yet never had heard, material and feelings unknown to mankind & others familiar and recognizable… it’s a human place with all its facets of life; some good, better and others a bit more dodgy; an adventurous place in which it feels as if it isn’t adventurous at all, yet, it is…

bits and blobs of sounds all passing by within it as if they are little holiday goers that like to say ‘hi’ before moving on in the mass. Perhaps they go to the beach, maybe not. Maybe they dangle around as well, checking out the others, saying hi to them as well while waving their audio feathers like proud characters. Everyone seems to be in a good mood, just taking it relatively easy and all act out more friendly than they would do in normal day life… oh sniff that holiday in like it’s a line of snow.

But don’t worry this isn’t an all time cheese fest. There is plenty of doom glory holes to crawl through and discover the final highlights of your alcoholism. Going out in and explore the local dancings with the more upbeat locals or simply swing somebody’s hips on the tropical island. It’s a groovy world out there, you just need to leave the holiday zone and go for a walk into the finer fun bits of the peninsula.

Some areas are a bit lonely, like the tiki bar or just the ones that go to less busy places, zones for a perfect long (but short) walk… also a recommended activity in the peninsula is going for the evangelical tour; one of blissful containment that you can pass by with like minded religious audio love. I don’t know this peninsula, but I presume it’s central Florida & going there for a surprise sound holiday was more promisingly exciting than I would have thought it would be in reality.

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