Furchick – Scissor Cut

Artist: Furchick
title: Scissor Cut
keywords: experimental, Perth

Normally I always feel a bit scared when there is some cutting to do with a scissor, perhaps because I know some people who used to stick scissors in their arms to feel things. It’s a weird thing… So I guess I personally might be slightly traumatized by scissors cutting, but Furchick’s ‘Scissor cut’ works much better than any psychiatrist could do; making this trauma go out of the window in rapid speed & replacing this dodgy feeling with something that is nothing less than pure love.

Seriously, I have no idea how Furchick did this, but she used a pair of scissors, a looper and effects to make love to my ears… a 14 minute long love single that is, something so lovingly good that it all sounded like it passed the revue in one single minute! But luckily Furchick’s Scissor cut is no one minute man & this love making does actually take the 14 minutes to arouse the ears with goodness.

I can’t say exactly what it is, but there is something to the sounds that makes it all superbly lovable,
it’s as if she made scissors into something smooth, something squeaky and friendly; a thing that you could touch and stroke like a pet, or a friendly balloon. I don’t know… anything that you would like to stroke and cuddle, definitely not something you would quickly associate with a scissor, but there you have it: experimenter Furchick did make it happen and it sounds freaking fantastic!

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One Response to Furchick – Scissor Cut

  1. Nice work. Loved this track.

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