Body Shame – Open Sores

Artist: Body Shame

Title: Open Sores

Keywords:noise, pop weirdo electronic freejazz gonzo experimental

Label: SadoDaMascus Records

Body Shame pooped through my sound-system, one massive audio pile that was impressively shiny, wet and most remarkable seemed to smell like fresh painted flowers. This polished turd was as experimental as it could be, but danced around like an all round motor cycle gang speeding around on a high hilled racing-track. The engines roared and the music? The music scored!

Even when ‘bored in sodom’ squeezed itself out of the grid of the speakers it felt like an exciting happening; definitely not my definition of things I would call boring. A Bombastic mashup of material that seem to pretend to be freaky drums, weird nastiness in synth form and even a moment of surreal singing. If this is being bored in sodom than damn, this place must have been most exciting!

Thanks, friend… pooped itself through next, one massive banger, something that made me think of satanic diarrhea, liquid plastic and that drummer from the muppetshow drumming while having a stroke. Sound wise it also made me think of grass mowers from Hell, a weird pointy tooth dude on a organ and some Quasimodo figure lisping in a microphone… pretty special!

You Look Like Shit’ also shat itself loudly out of my speakers, burning up the walls from the listening room, making them all red hot with its powerful sound exposure. I had no idea what was happening, but it felt like a synthesized orgasm of layers that morphed on top of each other to form pure moments of thrilling rolling bass mashers. Yeah, it’s difficult to tell what I heard or what it did to me, but it felt as grand as that “fade to grey” hit, but than it was completely unlike anything I’ve experienced. It was epic!

With “I Don’t Feel Good” Body Shame shat out another beautiful original beauty, drumming and noises, so bizarre, loud, freaky and extreme. Yet even that they had been super wild, they never gained distortion, proving that squeaky cleanness could become intensely noisy entertainment as well. At one moment I had closed my eyes and imagined this being the soundtrack of a very futuristic Ben Hurr movie….

After it came “Hair and feces”, it was like a gigantic poop and fart fest that became to assemble itself to form a free form jazz show band from the greater lands of the mentally insane! It was beautiful, with drums rolling around and fighting with each other in slapstick ways. It was wild fun!

“Weeping Sutures” squeezed itself out, ruining my clean clothes with its expressive sounds that felt like they came flushing out through ketchup bottles pressed by angry gremlins.

More goodness came my way with the “sputtering asshole” sticking out through the speaker system. It’s presence was gigantic, like a alien metal concert that had gone avant-garde to the max, sounding angry and dirty in a way that its inner aorta was a pure genius. I even could hear it talk and fart at the same time, freaking out in euphoric ways, delivering the biggest gaping ass sounds that you would probably had never heard before!

After this it was “Lancing the abscess” that Body Shame had screwed up to my delight. This was one that had that grotesque sound that lovers of Venetian Snares would squirt for, yet it brought its complete unique sounds and experimentation to the scene, creating a bombastic wildness that felt like a underground club hit in the most unknown shape and forms.

With my head almost inside the speakers the poop blasts of “Prolapse” shat itself out. It was a freaky scene of menacing higher weirdness and lower bass farts that hooked into each other like a manic glue party on speed! Nothing makes sense, but all is wet and wild!

All the way at the final end there was the great buildup of the finish line. One with wicked nastiness in synthesizer form, drums that would overthrow a chainsaw; material to grow your hairs long for just so you could shake them like a head full of appreciation! What a freaking wicked album! Super creative in it’s sound style, one that could show those long loved IDM heroes the door! Go to hell with the presets and all scoop up the poop of the Amazing sounding album of Body Shame! Highly recommended!


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