EUH! – EUH! 4 . 8KM South of Yeovil

Artist: EUH!

Title: EUH! 4 . 8KM South of Yeovil

Keywords: experimental jazz free jazz improvised music jazz new jazz hard jazz Sherborne

Hello & how do you do? Yep it’s nice if someone asks if you are fine, right? Some little one on one attention for you, cause you know… you deserve it! Coming here all the way to read about EUH! Or simply about music… bless you! It’s so sweet!

In any case, I’m very glad that you are here so I can indeed tell you a bit about this lengthy release of live music by (indeed!) EUH! It got something for a lot of us, but will most definitely appeal to the people who are with one feet in another galaxy and the other one somewhere on earth…

If you are in to experiences of free experimental jazz you will probably going to be very pleased what you hear & if not; screw you!

The funky Goths under us would be terrible pleased when they find out the existence of their lively theme track. A lovely played improvisation that feels like we are inside the head of a happily paranoid Bella Lugosi holding onto the corners of the walls while trying to scramble for cash to get some substance for his heroin addiction. Imagine him happy and sad at the same time, falling over his own cape and staring at his own psychedelic turning eyes in a mirror. This is a comical moment in the life of the funky goth, yet it’s a tragedy; a perfect blend of clown music that had forgotten to use colorful face paint or clothes & instead smothered its face, wig and floppy clothes into blackness… a slapstick comedy with freeform avant-garde experimentalism as its main ingredient is simply hijacking my brain as a food for thought.

I don’t know who or what KEK CLAYDERMAN is, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the name of a person that I should definitely google up one of these days. But not now, now I’m in the sun listening to EUH! and the work that is indeed called KEK CLAYDERMAN. And maybe that’s just it, no need to google or search around; EUH! tells all with this track. It’s a very expressive one, something that will feel like it would push you off a high cliff as if you are a train cabin who got loose from the locomotive and is now going break-less in hyperspeed on its own; nothing seem to be able to stop this music, it’s organic at every corner, tumbling, rolling and engaging the imagination like that bottle of ‘not poison’ that Alice liked to drink in wonderland.

After all this niceness it’s time for ‘Tea for cake 50p’, one session that in the beginning made me think of being in a tea factory, sliding over the transport system going from one side to the other on a calm and kind automatic roller system. Slightly getting intoxicated by the right amount of psychedelia in music form and the sweet rolling drums that vibrate so nicely upon my ears; I feel like I’m the happiest tea leaf in the world!

The last performance captured on this release is named ‘The holy Plimsoll’ and steps in slowly like a footless steam-train that has reached its final destination. Somehow someone manages to give it a twirl, making the engine cough up smoke and glitter in the good fortune of it starting to roll out the station again for a fine final ride. One that of course happens and comes with enough active swinging drums to wake up your long gone jazz-loving neighbor. Material that goes for a fine trip, actively up the mountains, along the riverside over the difficult bits of rails with a complete jungle full of fun loving animals on the side… this is like a automatic pilgrimage in which you sit back and let EUH! drive you through all kinds of bits and situations!


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